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Merchanter's Luck Company Wars #2Their names were Sandor and Allison Kreja Company Wars Epub #218 and Reilly respectively Reilly meant something in the offices and bars of Viking Station it meant the merchanters of the great ship Dublin Again based at Fargone respectable haulers on a loop that included all the circle of Union stars Mariner and Russell's Esperance and Paradise Wyatt's and Cyteen Fargone and Voyager and back to Viking It was a Name among merchanters and a power to be considered wherever it wentKreja meant nothing at Viking having flourished. Yup still my favorite book Umpty umpteenth reread 08132020Who knows why one book strikes a chord with someone but this one is my all time favorite and having a degree in English Lit I read a lot I have three copies of this book because if I look for it and can't find it within a day or two I panic and buy another copy I love many books over many genres but my heart loves this one best You will enjoy this story if you have read Downbelow Station at the very least I will admit that the first time I read it the end was a bit fuzzy but the often I read it the clearer the situation becomes The you read in Ms Cherryh's UnionAlliance universe the easier this book is to understandIt's a space ship story built around family merchant ships travelling between star systems and it is certainly enjoyable from that aspect What makes the story for me is the character of the protagonist Sandor Kreja He is the very last of his family running a haunted not literally ship all alone When he meets Allison Reilly from a large powerful ship he begins to dream of having a family again He is a total underdog but the Reillys find out that when push comes to shove he has a core of steel and all the right answers

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In fact there were only two haggard men and one not the same as at last docking Luck Company Wars PDFEPUB #228 such ships were not comfortably received at station docks and received careful scrutiny Lucy was a freighter by statement a long hauler which ran smallish consignments independent of its combine's close direction since the combine had no offices on Viking She was a passenger carrier when anyone would trust her no one did though the display boards carried her offer She took merchanter transfers if she could get the. 45 rounding up cos it was a very nuanced book but a bit confusing at first Some action but per usual for Cherryh much of it is psychological I think it could be a read alone despite being part of a larger series

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Merchanter's Luck Company Wars #2 Read & Download ↠ 9 ê ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Merchanter's Luck Company Wars #2 By C.J. Cherryh ✩ – Their names were Sandor and Allison Kreja and Reilly respectively Reilly meant something in the offices and bars of Viking Station it meant the merchanters Only at distant Pan paris and Esperance in its day at Mariner Merchanter's Luck PDF or under an alias it meant a bad debt and the same at Russell's The Kreja ship was currently named Lucy and she was supposedly based at Wyatt's which was as far away as possible and almost farther away than reasonable for such a small and aged freighter claiming to run margin cargo for a Wyatt's combine Customs always searched her though she called here regularly Small star capable ships on which the crew was not related by blood on which. Review on fourth reread Jan 2017Amazingly taut and condensed novel at 208 pages mmpb it's almost in long novella territory but fully developed Opens as a sort of romance evolves into a complex rescuebusiness deal between a distressed sole proprietor and a wealthy Merchanter family then morphs into a twist ending with a dramatic hunt for Mazianni pirates in the Hinder Stars Very cool book one of Cherryh's very best May be her masterworkI haven't had a lot of luck rereading later Cherryh but this might inspire me to reread another early Cherryh or two Chanur series maybe The Kif Strike Back