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The Fallen Aeneid Fallen Odyssey Trilogy Book 2 review » 103 ☆ [BOOKS] ⚣ The Fallen Aeneid Fallen Odyssey Trilogy Book 2 By C.B. McCullough – The adventure continues in the seuel to CB McCullough’s 2013 epic fantasy novel The Fallen Odyssey One year after the car accident that killed hisThe Oikoumene home to a mystical energy Fallen Aeneid Fallen Odyssey Trilogy PDF or force called aurym When recruited by a mercenary and an immortal man to rescue the kidnapped Leah Anavion Justin began a journey that would lead to the realization of his own identity as an ethoul a powerful inter world traveler known to many as a f. Good spoilersI liked this book I really didn’t like one of the characters Cyaxares I hope she either changes her tune or doesn’t appear much in the next book I loved the perspective of Gunnar and I thought Ahlund’s death was fitting for his character I hope they can defeat Avagad and his master at the end of the tale

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Allen angel Now the boy from Earth returns to the Oikoumene to discover that something unexplainable has happened during his absence Will he take up his sword again in the fight against evil or has the enemy already won A shadowed past An ancient secret A new enemy And a horrifying betrayal A new journey begins in The Fallen Aeneid. Couldn't put it down TFA is a serious page turner in its entiretyThe Fallen Aeneid picked up right where The Fallen Odyssey left off It grabbed my attention and it didn't let go Maybe it's the relatable unlikely hero Justin whose teenage follies and growth reflect the inner adventurer in us all Maybe it's the way CB paints a linguistic landscape over all he describes; be it in the vast wilderness the characters there within or the battles ensued Maybe it's the power of emotion conveyed throughout always thrusting the reader into the very minds of the characters Or maybe I'm just aurym sensitive myself and without even looking can tell how badass this novel is Either way it was an incredible journey from start to finish and one that I greatly look forward to experiencing the next chapter of Amazing

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The Fallen Aeneid Fallen Odyssey Trilogy Book 2The adventure continues in the Aeneid Fallen PDFEPUB #230 seuel to CB McCullough’s epic fantasy novel The Fallen Odyssey The Fallen PDFEPUBOne year after the car accident that killed his mother and paralyzed his father teenager Justin Holmes Fallen Aeneid Fallen MOBI #237 was transported from Earth to an alternate world known as. If we have to set aside our humanity to save the world we’ll be left with a world I wouldn’t care much to live in” 3050 Enjoyed the follow up novel from the Fallen Odyssey series While the characters are gaining much depth and dimension the story still suffered from pacing issues that were prevalent throughout the first 70% of the book Being split within 3 ish perspectives at times it seems like we were crawling to get to major plot points But like I said earlier I thought the characters grew a lot here and I started to appreciated the details given to the secondary characters as well Regardless it was a solid read and the story continues to interest me I believe the 3rd book is to be released soon but I think I may wait for the conclusion of the series before picking it up