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A Taste of Seduction The Disgraced Lords #5 reader ´ ebook ¾ helpyouantib ò ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ A Taste of Seduction The Disgraced Lords #5 ✓ Author Bronwen Evans – Helpyouantib.co.uk The flames of desire fuel a torrid reunion as bestselling author Bronwen Evans returnRs ago five long years she could have spent with her first and only love Lord Hadley Fullerton the second son of the Duke of Clay Now Evangeline is a widow and her soul cries out for Hadley But when they see each other at last everything has changed The passion in his eyes has been corrupted by betrayal Taste of Seduction The Disgraced PDF Somehow Evangeline must regain Hadley’s trust without revealing the secret that would spoil the seductionHa I really liked Hadley I loved how he talked they stood embracing in front of the fire content to be in each other’s arms Finally he said “We have to move— my derriere is about to combust from the heat” Sometimes Hadley needs to be brought back to the present he loved watching her light blue eyes as they sparkled with passion He should capture her like this on canvas A canvas only he would ever see It struck him instantly This was the first time he’d wanted to paint anything in a long time She smacked his chest lightly “Hey you’re woolgathering” I really liked this book I loved Hadley

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Dley is determined not to be distracted by Evangeline He and the other Libertine Scholars are in pursuit of an enemy who has been striking at them from the shadows and Evangeline’s mere presence could be dangerous But with one smile one touch one taste of Evangeline’s lips Hadley’s resolve is overpowered by much pleasant memories As the two enter into a discreet affair Hadley vows to give her his body never his heart That she will have to ea The fifth in the Disgraced Lord series and just as good as all the others IMO it doesn't work well as a standalone you would want to read the other books in the series to be able to follow Although the previous book was used as a preface to this book reading them in order is much enjoyable Spoilers aheadIn the epilogue of the previous book we see Hadley and Evangeline's reunion at a gathering of the Libertine scholars It turns out that Hadley and Evangeline's chance at love was cut short by the h's mother who unbeknownst to them had sabotaged their plans to elope making the h think the H abandoned her Years after when the h's husband dies she returns to confront the H for leaving her to suffer I typically like books where there is a lot of groveling and making up for lost time but this book didn't have that even though that was the reason Evangeline came to London She went on and on about how she still loved him it bordered on being redundant We get it now make him grovel I didn't buy into her husband's mistreatment of her either yes she always spoke about how much she suffered but the way she carried on it didn't seem as though she really suffered The idea was there but the emotion was lacking Her son Sealey I love the hidden love child troupe but this one was doing it too brown it just seemed like the sort of cliche to expect when reading about books like this Hadley's brother Augustus i don't really understand why he had to die i thought it unnecessary and just sprung up for effect I think after reading the previous book and seeing Marissa suffer i find death's and accidents unnecessary the book is good regardless of that It felt like a good way for Hadley to inherit the dukedom since we had already been given the insight to his brother just being the figure head A lot of unanswered uestions What happened to Evangeline's family Where's her brother now What happened to Stowe She spent a lot of times talking and thinking about them i thought we would get to see her confront them but that idea seemed to fizzle out after a while I liked Hadley as a hero Evangeline not so much I expected from her so i'm left disappointed I really felt emotionally disconnected from this book and that's a bit unusual when reading a book by a brilliant author like Bronwen Evans I can wait to read about Arend and Isobel i hope it's better I received this advanced readers copy from Netgallery and Random house publishing group in exchange for an honest review

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A Taste of Seduction The Disgraced Lords #5The flames of Seduction PDFEPUB #196 of desire fuel a torrid reunion as bestselling A Taste PDF or author Bronwen Evans returns with another captivating novel of the Disgraced Taste of Seduction MOBI #244 Lords See why Jen McLaughlin raves “Bronwen’s historical romances always make Taste of Seduction The Disgraced PDF the top of my reading list”Lady Evangeline Stuart chose to wed a tyrant with a title or so society believes That was five yea Originally Reviewed For Bodice Rippers Femme Fatales and FantasyAs the 5th book in the series A Taste of Seduction could have gone either way a series gone too long or just the perfect build up to the end Guess which way I think Bronwen went Yep she nailed it Discovering Bronwen Evans is truly one of my greatest joys Bronwen has written about the best of characters The Disgraced Lords A Group of friends calling themselves The Libertine Scholars Men who actually learned while at school But they find themselves paying for the sins of the father and each of them has struggled to remove himself from disgrace But in the end he triumphs and than that he finds true love Lord Hadley Fullerton has been the voice of reason in the past books The true friend the honorable man We just like him Of course none of us knew about his secret past his family except that his father was a sleaze to put it nicely or any part of his life that didn't include the Libertine Scholars But that is about to change It seems Hadley has loved and lost The love of his life left him at the last moment and married for title and wealth For five years he has suffered a silent heartbreak Now on the eve of his proposing to another woman she's back and it turns out not everything was as he thought Lady Evangeline Stuart loved Hadley Fullerton even though he was the second son even though she should marry for money to help her family She was ready to escape with him when she found herself waking up in another man's bed as another man's wife For years she suffered but his death makes her a widow and free to seek answers And instead of apologizing as Hadley believes she should she's confronting him Why did he never rescue her There is so much grief here Both Hadley and Evangeline suffered and when they think maybe just maybe they stand a chance someone wants to ruin it Someone other than their mysterious enemy Hadley is put in an untenable situation forced to chose between family and love Death or despair Either way it could ruin his second chance And not all of Evangeline's secrets have been exposed Will Hadley be able to face the past and realize that it must be let go in order to have a future Will love be enough And if all of this was not enough They still have an enemy set to destroy them A plot line like this risky This book was filled with plots and plans struggles and strategies it could have run over itself in it's complexity Instead Bronwen ties it all together masterfully We get to interact with characters from previous books we meet some new characters and we fall in love with Hadley and Evangeline I only wish I had this kind of talent This series is a rare find and A Taste of Seduction is absolutely divineShauniThis review is based on the ARC of A Taste of Seduction provided by netgalley