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We'll Always Have ParisI've done it Thanks to my awesome powers of persuasion elusive but dreamy TV star Simon Valentine is starring in our new romance documentaryIt wasn't easy though Simon thinks his status as p This book was a fun read right from the start The heroine Clara is an apparently ditzy young woman who lives her life like a scene from a stage musical Preferably the Sound of Music with a dash of South Pacific The uptight Simon is everything she isn't controlled ordered and doesn't have an impulsive bone in his body Maybe he did once but he's carefully trained himself out of those emotional trapsWhen he and Clara are thrown together it's like oil and water until an umbrella and a rainstorm and a kiss start mixing things up good and proper In fact the two of them have to spend time in some of the most romantic locations talking about romance Bound to be interesting with a borderline obsessive compulsive guy and a rose spectacled romantic trying to convince each other that they are right And the funny thing is that they both actually succeed but not in the way they expectJessica Hart does a great job bringing believable heroes and heroines to the pages of her books The dialogue is witty and the characters engaging I admit to being a little irritated with Simon on page 133 when he was still trying to convince himself that his ex was the perfect life partner for him But heck we couldn't have him capitulate too soonIf you are after something light with an enjoyable story line this will suit you

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We'll Always Have Paris reader ↠ Paperback ´ ❰Epub❯ ❧ We'll Always Have Paris Author Jessica Hart – Helpyouantib.co.uk I've done it Thanks to my awesome powers of persuasion elusive but dreamy TV star Simon Valentine is starring in our new romance documentaryIt wasn't easy though—Simon thinks his status asRime time financial guru turned celebrity is ridiculous He says he now steers well clear of affairs of the heart but surely he must have one romantic bone left in his body?Much as I'd like t Sigh Madcap heroine stuffy hero my favourite combination This book was sweet and endearing and had a ending that made me laugh and cry at the same time I won't spoil the surprise

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O find out firsthand I've sworn off men after a disastrous ending with my last boyfriend Must remain professional though it won't be easywe're filming in the most romantic city of allClara x I felt very privileged and thrilled to find a copy of this book on my doormat from Jessica Hart today and I am delighted to be able to review it I read the book over the course of the next few hours only putting it down in order to do the school run picking it up again as soon as I got backI took to the characters instantly being uirky and believable coming to life off the page so that I enjoyed following their story rooting for them throughout The locations were fun and I could almost imagine I was there with them the descriptions conjuring vivid images and bringing back memories of my own I even felt like singing along at times LOL and could happily fall for the not so typical alpha hero myselfI wavered between giving a rating of 4 and 5 falling somewhere in between but I don't get to do halves The story telling characters and plot were excellent but I found the change of perspective a little jarring often having to backtrack and check for the switch This is perhaps to do with me not being used to the style of switching point of view without a break than the writing itself though and is something I could probably get used to NB the ratings on Goodreads and differ slightly hence it being a 4 here and a 5 on both meaning 'I really liked it'Although I do own another title by this author it is part of the 'Loving Our Heroes' anthology that I haven't got around to reading yet so this was my first introduction to her writing and I would happily seek out Jessica Hart books in futureOverall this was a thoroughly enjoyable read that prompted a few laughs and leaking eyes I would happily recommend this book for a light hearted warm fuzzy enjoyable read and a pleasant escape