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Review æ Lure Sam Flock Adventures #1 ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ê ❮KINDLE❯ ✾ Lure Sam Flock Adventures #1 Author Brian Rathbone – Warning This title contains sexual content bad behavior and mild profanitySam Flock is a good cop but when she has a paranormal eInvestigation agency with her friend Shells Though they are perhaps the world's worst paranormal investigators they find something beyond their wildest imaginings. To be honest I have mixed feeling about LURE This is partially due to the frustration I felt as I was reading the book And we know that is never good The plot held so much promise but for me it never uite delivered Instead there were a lot of side issues a lack of needed details and some incomplete happenings Nothing seemed to fit together smoothly Also I kept waiting for Sam to learn something to develop a bit of confidence to grow Unfortunately she never did Maybe she wasn't suppose to and I just missed the point Sam's sidekick Shell just irritated me mainly because of her dialogue I swear one dude from her mouth and I would have I don't know screamed thrown my reader uit reading However I kept reading the story I had to because despite all of my complaints listed above I was intrigued by the story line I wanted to know what happened next That is why I gave it 3 stars

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Warning This title Flock Adventures eBook #180 contains sexual content bad behavior and mild profanitySam Flock is a good cop but when she has a paranormal experie. About the story Sam becomes the target of ridicule after she reports seeing a ghost After bieng fired from her job she starts up a paranormal investigation agency with her feisty sidekick Shells A job offer about mysterious lights takes them on the road to Lake Lure in North CarolinaMy thoughts Sam and Shell's escapades often landed them in trouble and their bumbling attempts at investigating had me laughing out loud Both of these ladies are strong willed and sassy and I enjoyed their back and forth banter While Shells got on my nerves a bit I thought that maybe that was the authors intent It made the characters genuineAs for the investigation in Lake Lure you'll just have to read the bookThank you Brian I wuold love to read about these two friends

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Lure Sam Flock Adventures #1Nce on the job that causes her to drive into the side of an ambulance her career in law enforcement meets its end Determined to find answers she forms a paranormal. This book had me feeling a little bit like the 2 main characters were Lucy Ricardo Ethel Mertz from the I Love Lucy Show Always getting into trouble when they know what they should not do go for it anyway Parts of this were very funny at the beginning you were sucked into the vortex that was Lure Lake As the reader I was very interested to figure out what was going on at Lake Lure way such police action was needed at the time place Being that Sam is a ghost hunter I did except on that side of the paranormal to be explained She sees dead people right after they die can see certain ghosts I would have liked for the writer to give us a little of the ghost in her hotel room some footage on the haunting's that brought them to the Lure Lake area in the 1st place Brian Rathbone did not explain any of the haunts or findings which I found a little disappointing They conclusion of the book was good because you did get to see what all the commotion was about around the Lake Lure area why the police were needed This book also suggests that there is sexual content while it is true that there is some funny tidbits about sex there are not truly any hot sex scenes in this book If you are looking for hot and steamy this is not the book for you If you are looking for a small adventure with a bit of mystery a hint of humor with a side of fun then I would suggest giving it a try I would read the next in the series