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At long last a deluxe hardcover of the Eisner and Hugo Award winning SAGA is finally hereIt's easy to run out of accola “Once upon a time each of us was somebody's kidEveryone had a father even if he never provided anything than his seedEveryone had a mother even if she had to leave us on a stranger's doorstepNo matter how we're eventually raised all of our stories begin the exact same wayThey all end the same too”Oh wowWow wow wowWowNever really was into graphic novels but now I might as well be This is awesome from start to finish Beautiful art intruiging plot unexpected twists incredibly interesting characters uniue ideas are just a few things that make this the ultimate page turner I absolutely don't know where this is going but I will one hundred percent find outFind of my books on Instagram

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Saga Book OneRing and inventive The Stalk an eight eyed eight limbed female bounty hunter remains a creepy favorite The New York Tim It's so refreshing to experience a book series like Saga a singularly imaginative creation that amongst the wacky looking aliens and fantasy action manages to still be irresistibly charming and deeply heartfelt In it's story about star crossed alien lovers born to opposing sides of a galactic war and their fight to stay ahead of a galaxy that sees their newborn child as a threat Saga truly has something for everyone including romance an unforgettable and diverse cast of characters and exciting sci fi set pieces It's a fearless uirky space opera that wears its heart on its sleeveI reviewed the separate volumes of this book previously You can find them hereVolume 1 ★★★★★Volume 2 ★★★★★Volume 3 ★★★★★

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kindle Ñ Saga Book One à 504 pages Download ô helpyouantib ¾ [KINDLE] ✿ Saga Book One ❃ Brian K. Vaughan – At long last a deluxe hardcover of the Eisner and Hugo Award winning SAGA is finally hereIt's easy to run out of accolades for this superb series The dialogDes for this superb series The dialogue is smart arch and always rings true and the visuals rendered digitally are allu I’ve got some mixed feelings about this one Part of me is wondering why the hell I waited so long to start reading this book and part is so friggin’ glad I did so I could read the first 18 issues all at once in this monstrous collection And it has about 70% of a boob on the cover Cha ching The breast feeding baby chugging away is a bit of a bonerkill but whateverBrian K hasn’t delivered like this for me since I finished Y The Last Man I think it's my love for that series that foolishly left me wondering if he could make magic again and not just leave me wishing I had just reread Y instead NO disappointment here 18 issues of awesome He does such a phenomenal job of creating characters I give a shit about He takes some pretty unusual looking folks and gives them genuine voice Alana’s wings or Marko’s horns almost fade away when they start to talk They’re real people I guess that’s what every good author should be able to do This also helps Brian in building authentic feeling relationships between his characters The connections between lovers the interactions between parents and their children and emotions between friends and enemies just rang true to me here Brian K Vaughn got me to give a shit about an overgrown fairy a newly liberal satyr and giant cat that says one word Thought it was not possible Then he goes and throws in just enough edginess to reel in a guy like me A generous amount of violence peppers this one and it’s got the c word And how can I not just fall in love with a girl that says “Please shoot it in my twat” Fuckin’ Shakespearian This is all topped off some pretty amazing art Fiona Staples deserves as much credit as Vaughn in building this insane universe She did an unbelievable job of giving faces to Brian’s wonderful voices Her art is beautifully drawn and consistent And she doesn’t shy away from the crazy shit either Although Fiona completely freaked me out with The Stalk Just too creepy no matter how much ground she can cover in the sack Some of my personal favorites are of course The StalkFard the Fumunda cheese giantIzabel the bowel dragging ghostAnd Prince Robot IV smashing outSo far Saga is just simply a great story about a couple trying to keep their child safe and everything that happens to them along the way I would recommend this book to anybody I don’t think I’m gonna to be able to wait for the next 18 issue collectionGet this review and at