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Ncen wie etwa das Angebot zur Lektüre literarischer Texte zu nutzenDaneben erfährt der Leser viel über das Alltagsleben in der Erziehungsanstalt auch über Schikanen und Vorurteile seitens der Aufseher über uerelen und Machtkämpfe unter den jugendlichen Insassen sowie über pubertätstypische Themen und KonflikteWirkung Mit seinem lebensnahen die Umstände nicht beschönigenden Roman begeisterte Behan seine Landsleute wie auch Jugendliche in aller Welt wurde das Buch von Regisseur Peter Sheridan verfilmt B G Copyright Aus Das Buch der Bücher Harenberg Verla. Brendan tells his story of a childhood in Ireland to his involvement with the IRA and his arrest and incarceration in the UKA great tale of a heavy life with heavy drinking and flying fists the size of melons

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Borstal BoyBrendan Behans in einer einfachen und klaren mit gälischen Wendungen durchsetzten Sprache gehaltener autobiografischer Bericht über den Alltag in einer Erziehungsanstalt erreichte Anfang der er Jahre unter jungen Menschen einen ähnlichen Kultstatus wie der Roman Unterwegs von Jack R KerouacEntstehung Schon alsJähriger war Behan in die IRA eingetreten wurde er in Liverpool als Sprengstoffkurier festgenommen und für drei Jahre in eine Erziehungsanstalt eingewiesen Nach der Freilassung dauerte es nicht lange bis zur nächsten Verhaftung Weil er einen Poliziste. A wonderful book and far better than I was expecting I was inspired to pick up Borstal Boy having come across a reference to it in the marvellous Handsome Brute The Story of a Ladykiller Neville Heath a once infamous 1940s British murderer was incarcerated before he was convicted of murder with Brendan Behan at Hollesley Bay borstal in SuffolkBrendan Behan was arrested in Liverpool aged 16 with explosives and the intention of blowing up the Liverpool dock The first section of the book covers his period on remand in Walton prison near Liverpool Needless to say the prison officers and many of the prisoners were very hostile to an IRA man arrested with the intention of planting a bomb Indeed most of the Irish people Brendan met whilst on remand in an effort to show they were loyal to England were often even hostile This was a dangerous time for Brendan Behan however his stoicism guile and humour and the few friends he made helped him to deal with this challenging periodOnce sentenced and after a brief period at Feltham Brendan Behan had the good fortune to arrive at Hollesley Bay borstal where he made many good friends and where the enlightened approach of Prison Governor Cyril Joyce aka the Suire allowed the boys to work and flourish in a constructive environment This section is the heart of the book Brendan Behan's hard line republicanism softens as he discovers how much common ground he shares with his working class friends Brendan Behan's descriptions of the various characters he encounters throughout his imprisonment and the humour and humanity he describes is compelling The description of his attitudes and the attitudes of those around him is very interesting and revealing It's an illuminating insight into prison conditions during the late 1930early 1940s and full of humour humanity and occasional horror Overall it's a very enjoyable and uplifting book which is testimony to Brendan Behan's personality and his skill as a writer 55

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Borstal Boy Free download È 105 ✓ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Borstal Boy Author Brendan Behan – Brendan Behans in einer einfachen und klaren mit gälischen Wendungen durchsetzten Sprache gehaltener autobiografischer Bericht über den Alltag in einer Erziehungsanstalt erreichte Anfang der 1960er Brendan Behans in eN mit einer Waffe bedroht hatte wurde Behan zu Jahren Haft verurteilt von denen er aber nur fünf absitzen musste Den Bericht über sein »Knastleben« veröffentlichte der Autor nachdem er mit zwei Theaterstücken bereits zu Weltruhm gelangt warInhalt Borstal Boy ist das Porträt eines temperamentvollen Jugendlichen der keine Gelegenheit auslässt sich für den irischen Freiheitskampf stark zu machen der aber Mithäftlingen und Aufsehern in der Erziehungsanstalt ohne Hass begegnet Er steht seiner Umgebung aufgeschlossen und vorurteilslos gegenüber und weiß Cha. England 1939 1942 Brendan Paddy Behan is convicted of murder he detonated an explosive that killed at least 4 people Since he is 16 yo at the time of the crime he now stays in an institution called a Borstal which is a type of youth prison in the United Kingdom run by the Prison Service and intended to reform seriously delinuent young people ages below 17Think Prisonbreak but with almost no escapees and definitely no rape sodomy gang wars and drugs In Borstal Boy there are just friendships between young heterosexual men shower scenes minus anything unusual morning exercises singing and reading classic literatures The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire Crime and Punishment etc It is almost boring except the fact that these young people are mostly members of Irish Republican Army or IRA 1922 1969 which fought the British army to gain independence for Ireland Paddy's opening statement for himself says it allMy lord and gentlemen it is my privilege and honour today to stand as so many of my countrymen have done in an English court to testify to the unyielding determination of the Irish people to regain every inch of our national territory and to give expression to the noble inspirations for which so much Irish blood has been shed and for which no many of my comrades are now lying in your jailsPrior to this book all I knew about IRA were those I saw in the movies and up until now I did not know that it was a major and long struggleThis is a semi autobiography of Brendan Behan who used is own name in the novel and said to have meticulously related what transpired during his 3 year stay in Borstal According to Wikipedia what is really good about this novel are the dialogues as Behan was able to capture the exact languages and their eccentricities during those times For example in several scenes British prisoners would easily identify that Paddy is from Ireland and some could even identify in which part of that countryBut my favorite parts are the songs Although I could barely identify them they reminded me of my songs that my father used to sing when I was a young child Songs that I did not hear on the radio as those were songs by the inmates in Caloocan City Jail where he served as a policeman and jail guard One inspiring morning song goes like this Umaga na Neneng tulog ka paNamamanaag na ang sikat ng araw sa umagaKung ikaw man ay hapo sa mga dusang natamoGising at magbangon ka sa umaga Another song is the poignant painful and has this part Pag ako'y namatay aakat sa langitDoon magsusumbong ng di mo pag ibigPag pinayagan muli muling magbabalikAy naku o Diyos ko ng di mo pag ibig I wish I could remember the rest just to pass them on to my daughter The songs his grandfather used to sing especially when he was drunkIn the book Brendan sang a Borstal Song that goes like this Oh they say I ain't no good 'cause I'm a Borstal boyBut a Borstal boy is what I'll always beI know it is a title a title I bear with prideTo Borstal to Borstal and the beautiful countrysideI turn my back upon the 'ole societyAnd spent me life a thievin' 'igh and lowI've got the funniest feelin' for 'alf inchin' and for stealin'I should 'ave been in Borstal years agoGor blimeyI should 'ave been in Borstal years ago It is very Irish isn't it Remind me of Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes