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Free read Valerie Solanas ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ï [PDF / Epub] ☆ Valerie Solanas By Breanne Fahs – Too drastic too crazy too out there too early too late too damaged too much—Valerie Solanas has been dismissed but never forgotten She has become unwittingly a figurehead for women's unexpressed raG before they existed has sold copies and has been translated into languages than nearly all other feminist texts of its timeShockingly little work has interrogated Solanas's life This book is the first biography about Solanas including original interviews with family friends and enemies and numerous living Warhol associates It reveals surprising details about her life the children nearly no one knew she had her drive for control over her own writing and copyright and her elusive personal and professional relationships Valerie Solanas addresses how this era changed the world and depicts an iconic figure whose life is at once tragic and remarkable“Solanas lived a life generally relegated by society to the. I have to appreciate Fahs' ambition in even attempting to write a biography of someone as elusive and controversial as Valerie Solanas Fahs contextualizes Solanas thoroughly and is hesitant to extrapolate claims based on the small amount of available information While this may be off putting to some I thought it was almost refreshingly honest and since this is the first comprehensive biography of Solanas one has to start from somewhere However I didn't like the author's tendency to repeat herself and very dry narrative style It felt like there was a lot of padding both in the aforementioned repetition and in various biographical tangents about individual feminists Warhol superstars etc Perhaps instead of a stand alone biography this would have worked better as a chapter in a book profiling multiple radical feminists

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Margins poor female ueer crazy Fahs resists the impulse of speculation the desire to turn Solanas into a comedic or tragic tableau Fahs situates Solanas in a larger culture and society that helps us to understand the complexities of her character and actions Valerie Solanas is a biography of a compelling charismatic contemptible and incorrigible woman It is a biography of the effects of class in the United States on one woman’s life It is also the biography of an artist” –Julie Enszer Lambda Literary Review Breanne Fahs is an associate professor of women and gender studies at Arizona State University a practicing clinical psychologist and the author of Performing Sex and The Moral Panics of Sexualit. 30542092 F158 2014

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Valerie SolanasToo drastic too crazy too out there too early too late too damaged too much Valerie Solanas has been dismissed but never forgotten She has become unwittingly a figurehead for women's unexpressed rage and stands at the center of many worlds She inhabited Andy Warhol's Factory scene circulated among feminists and the countercultural underground charged men money for conversation despised daddy's girls and outlined a vision for radical gender dystopiaKnown for shooting Andy Warhol in and for writing the polemical diatribe SCUM Society for Cutting Up Men Manifesto Solanas is one of the most famous women of her era SCUM Manifesto which predicted ATMs test tube babies the Internet and artificial insemination lon. A great piece of journalism about a fascinating subject I read this book because I had always thought the SCUM Manifesto was meant to be satire but I was never uite sure I still don't know but I have a lot to think about Fahs reconstructs history we see New York artic artistic and radical as it was in the 60s and 70s The terror of Solanas shooting Warhol and her slow descent into paranoid schizophrenia A sad but relevant book for understanding the history of radical feminism in the United States