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E the country back from the left wing weaklings who don't have the courage to protect their children When he is asked to run for Congress he accepts and amplifies his message Watching these developments in horror Jo finally decides that there actually is something she can doShe kidnaps Sam's ten year old daught 35 stars I wasn’t sure I was up for a book that involved a mass shooting and a right wing radio host turned would be politician This book surprised me It’s a uick fast paced read with a satisfying ending 👍🏼👍🏼

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The Goliath RunWhen a deranged loner kills twenty six people in a Pennsylvania schoolyard the country is stunned and devastated Among those catatonic with grief is Jo Matheson an organic farmer who has lost her goddaughter in the shooting Sam Jackson an egotistical right wing TV talking head has sliding ratings and faces imm Such a brilliant book I absolutely loved it It should be on way people’s radars

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FREE READER ✓ DOC The Goliath Run ↠ 9781988168210 ¼ BRAD SMITH Ø ❴KINDLE❵ ❄ The Goliath Run Author Brad Smith – When a deranged loner kills twenty six people in a Pennsylvania schoolyard the country is stunned and devastated Among those catatonicInent cancellation He arrives in Pennsylvania and during a rant he blames the parents of the dead children He intends the tirade to be his last salvo but incredibly his ratings climb while Jo watches from The Goliath PDF her farmhouse in upstate New York incensedSam rides the wave shouting that it's time to tak In 2019 Smith won the coveted Spur Award of the Western Writers of America joining previous winners and luminaries of the western novel such as Larry McMurtry Louis L’Amour and Tony Hillerman His previous novels have been described as country noir with good reason Although now that I think of it the fact that they are grounded in the crime genre doesn’t necessarily mean they employ the archetypes and tropes used by most contemporary crime writers The authenticity of his dialogue insightful characterizations surprising plot twists and sometimes lyrical passages of unaffected sentiment make for a rewarding read I’ve had the pleasure of reading his past novels all of which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed but The Goliath Run his twelfth novel is on a whole different level I don’t mean to say the uality of the writing surpasses his previous novels so it’s the subject matter and politicalsocial immediacy that distinguishes this book from the others In The Goliath Run Smith shifts gears and drills into the fractured political landscape of the United States of America focusing on the ruthless fear mongering tactics that are employed by the worst of the right wing media pundits Sam Jackson is one of those pundits his spiralling TV career mired in mediocrity and plunging ratings The writing is on the wall as the network prepares to cancel his flagging show but he decides to go out in a blaze of glory when after a mass shooting occurs in a Pennsylvania schoolyard he delivers an incendiary commentary on camera He blames not the deranged killer but the parents of the murdered children for their progressive cowardly and morally corrupt beliefs and the resulting inability to protect their children One would think his outrageous outburst would be condemned across the board but incredibly his ratings skyrocket Before he knows it he is recruited by two wealthy right wing political power brokers to run for CongressMeanwhile Jo Matheson owner of a small organic farm is in shock and overwhelmed with grief by the death of one of the children her beloved god daughter Grace She happens to see Sam Jackson’s despicable performance on tv and decides then and there that something has to be done In retribution she sets a series of events in motion with the aim of taking down Sam Jackson by exposing his true nature that of a deceitful duplicitous and power mongering political opportunist Fast paced engrossing and relevant The Goliath Run will keep readers glued to the page It’s also entertaining to guess which characters are fictional representations of the real media and political players who are intent on widening the gap of understanding between the political right and left Brad Smith has written an extraordinary and courageous novel of our precarious times and it’s not to be missed