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reader Ù Down Under ✓ é Bill Bryson é [PDF / Epub] ✅ Down Under Author Bill Bryson – A CLASSIC FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF ONE SUMMER Every time Bill Bryson walks out the door memorable travel literature threatens to break out His previous excursion along the Appalac A CLThe friendliest inhabitants the hottest driest weather and the most peculiar and lethal wildlife to be found on the planet The result is a deliciously funny fact filled and adventurous performance by a writer who combines humor wonder and unflagging curiousityDespite the fact that Australia harbors things that can kill you in extremely nasty ways than anywhere else including sharks crocodiles snakes even riptides and dese I developed a taste for Bill Bryson last year when I read his Short History of Nearly Everything an ambitious attempt to trace the history of life the universe and everything in just 574 pages While many of the scientific discoveries outlined in the book were a little beyond me I thoroughly enjoyed Bryson's descriptions of the larger than life personalities behind the discoveries which really brought the science described to life So when I found out that he had also written a travelogue of a journey across the country I may soon call home Australia I simply had to read itAustralia for those of you who have never been there is one of the most colourful places on earth It has a history so bizarre that it makes China's seem normal by comparison It has insane expanses of the most arid desert imaginable as well as some of the world's most beautiful beaches where unfortunately you can't swim due to the prevalence of sharks crocs box jellyfish stingrays and murderous rip currents It houses beyond a shadow of a doubt the world's most interesting flora and fauna including twelve foot earthworms and living fossils And you thought kangaroos were exotic Ha And if all that weren't interesting enough the locals are slightly mad They eat meat pies floating in pea soup are crazy about cricket and consider shorts and knee length socks proper attire for middle aged bus drivers In short it's a uniue place and I love it I look forward to moving there in a few months' timeBill Bryson also loves Australia and it shows While he likes to remind his readers of the country's amazing collection of deathly animals over and over again and poke fun at the locals and their weird habits his affection for the place shines through in every chapter and it's uite infectious By describing his own travels and those of early settlers explorers and naturalists he provides the reader with an appreciation for how vast and unwelcoming the country is and how utterly uniue He provides background information on events of which few non Australians will have heard such as the fact that a nuclear bomb may have been detonated in the outback without anyone noticing and that an Australian Prime Minister once vanished never to be seen again waxes lyrical on trees and animals so bizarre that you'll want to hop on the first plane to Australia to check them out for yourself again kangaroos are only the beginning explains why you should go and see Ayers Rock even if you've already seen hundreds of photos of it and intersperses all this useful information with a winning combination of self deprecating humour bizarre anecdotes absurd dialogue and entertaining accounts of encounters with fellow travellers and locals The resulting book is not only completely recognisable to anyone who has visited Australia but hugely appealing to anyone who hasn't I doubt anyone can read this book without wishing to book a flight to Oz immediately afterwardsIf I have any complaint about Down Under it is that there is too little of it While Bryson's writing is entertaining and informative his choice of places to visit and describe seems rather random and limited I wish he had done travelling gone further into the interior of the country and left all traces of luxury behind him for a while so as to emulate the pioneers and explorers whose exploits he relates with such gusto I also think the book would have benefited from slightly rigorous editing as parts of it seem rather hastily written For all its small flaws though Down Under released in the US as In a Sunburned Country is a fascinating read which has whetted my appetite for Bryson travelogues And for a return to Oz but that's another story

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A CLASSIC FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF ONE SUMMER Every time Bill Bryson walks out the door memorable travel literature threatens to break out His previous excursion along the Appalachian Trail resulted in the sublime national bestseller A Walk in the Woods In A Sunburned Country is his report on what he found in an entirely different place Australia the country that doubles as a continent and a place with I love Bill Bryson Yep it's a full blown one sided bromance Bryson could write a book about the history of the individual rooms within the typical house and I would love it he did and I did So when I discovered he'd written about his experiences while traveling Australia I knew I'd found my next good read In a Sunburned Country takes in the Land Down Under from today traveling all the way back to its earliest historical findings You expect and get a look at modern Australia its UK convict days Sydney and other cities the bush the outback and the plight trials and importance of the aborigines All of the above also comes with a healthy dose of Bryson humor It's self deprecating it's consciously delusional for comedy's sake it's honest and it gives me the chuckles I appreciate that he puts himself in awkward situations and really enjoy his description of scenes in which he is a participating victim Australia has countless ways to kill a person what with all its deadly animals so there's plenty of opportunity for hair raising hilarity especially considering Bryson's the sort of guy who could get himself savaged by a hedgehog Fun is fun and all but in the end this book is about the knowledge so if you have an interest in learning about Australia I couldn't recommend another book highly The author is a full on philomath and he loves this country so the reader is treated to a veritable love fest spewed all over the pages of In a Sunburned Country

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Down UnderRts Bill Bryson adores the place and he takes his readers on a rollicking ride far beyond that beaten tourist path Wherever he goes he finds Australians who are cheerful extroverted and unfailingly obliging and these beaming products of land with clean safe cities cold beer and constant sunshine fill the pages of this wonderful book Australia is an immense and fortunate land and it has found in Bill Bryson its perfect guid As expected this was a mix of fun facts and a companion travel piece Being Australian I’m sure I enjoyed this than the average non Australian reader but I could see that some parts especially the parts apart about politics and cricket could bore a few readers who aren’t already familiar with our peculiar sports and politicians I enjoyed the read and found it fun when injected with Bryson’s humourous anecdotes along the way I also realised how very little I’ve seen of my own ridiculously large country Makes me want to pack up the car and go for a road trip and see something other than the East Coast of Australia and the main cities It’s always a shame when tourists see of my own country than I have