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Free download Ç Airtight Case ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¼ [Reading] ➽ Airtight Case By Beverly Connor – In a seemingly random event forensic anthropologist Lindsay Chamberlain is attacked and left for dead Buried in a shallow grave in the woods she manages to escape althThe only one who sees themWhen very old sealed lead coffins dating from the s are discovered Lindsay becomes so excited with the discovery that she momentarily forgets her own troubles However her relief is short lived for inside one of the coffins are the disturbing remains of a woman who has something frighteningly in common with Lindsay Then when one of the crew disappears no one but Lindsay is worried or seems to care If she doesn't figure out what's happening around her she might lose her sanity or worse her li. Another successI cannot begin to say how much I liked this book Loved the information about the digs the suspense and turnings and mystery

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Site on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Unlike previous digs where Lindsay has worked this site is an unhappy one Crew members are on edge and argue among themselves and the site director takes an instant dislike to Lindsay Further the principal investigator is under suspicion of murdering a local resident and stealing valuable papers from her If that weren't enough Lindsay and the crew are lodged in a haunted house and even though she is the only crew member who doesn't believe in ghosts she is. At the opening of the story Lindsay has amnesia and a strange man is claiming he is her fiancé and tries to arrange to have her released from the hospital in his care She escapes to the forest where she is thankful to find she knows how to survive As she regains her memory rather than determining that she and only she can investigate she tries not to remember whatever dreadful thing it was that happened A suspenseful read with an intelligent heroine

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Airtight CaseIn a seemingly random event forensic anthropologist Lindsay Chamberlain is attacked and left for dead Buried in a shallow grave in the woods she manages to escape although she suffers from loss of memory as a result of the ordealWhen Lindsay's memory returns it is incomplete She copes with the trauma by ignoring it and she allows the authorities to handle the investigation As the probe uickly comes to a dead end however the assault looms like a dark cloud over her peace of mindLindsay joins excavations at an s farm. 35 stars Another solid read by Beverly Connor We hit the ground running as Dr Lindsay Chamberlain has amnesia at the beginning of this book and a stranger claiming to be her husband chases her to take her with him John finds her and convinced her to come with him and takes her home The next day Lindsay regains her memory of those around her and even remembers waking up after having been buried alive but who buried her or who tried to claim her at the hospital is a blank space in her mindThis novel is interesting with suspicion and suspense throughout I think this is a good place to end the series though I wish there was character development throughout Every character is the same throughout the books At least they’re consistent