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When Jane needed help she was amazed that it was the charismatic surgeon Nikolaas van der Vollenhove who tore himself away from hi. Jane Fox is a redhaired green eyed Olivia who left her ward sister's post to care for her sick grandmother in the country After a few months her grandmother became gravely ill and her doctor called in a specialist Professor Nikolaas van der Vollenhove a grizzle haired giant Jane dislikes him on site and he treats her coolyThree days later Jane's granny dies Jane's cousin Basil inherits the house Of course being named Basil he's a jerk He gives Jane two days to leave the house along with the dog Bruno and the two cats Percy and SimpkinsJane is at a loss to know what to do She intends to go back to nursing but it will take time for her to find a job and a place to live Her grandmother did leave her 500 pounds as well as a pension for Bessy the elderly housekeeperRDD to the rescue Nikolaas shows up and Jane cries all over him He wipes away her tears and when she tells him her predicament He says he knows of a place for her – a temporary job as a companion to the elderly irascible Lady Grimstone It isn't all peaches and cream with Lady Grimstone but at least they all have food and a roof over their heads When the month is up Nikolaas says that Jane can stay with some friends of his and till she finds a job Instead she hurriedly accept a job at a hospital in Carlisle which turns out to be a disaster She doesn't tell Nicholas where she is going but he finds her anyway and again when she sees him she cries all over him This time he does take her to the home of his friends in London Rex and Julie and then returns to Holland almost immediately A few days later he shows up again and proposes – a MOC Not only will he marry her he will employ Bessy and adopt the furkids A secure future to be sure but what about love Jane wonders She soon has her DR so she says yes There is the obligatory car crash in front of them and Jane ruins her lovely new dress and gives away her coatNik surprises Jane with a wedding in her Granny's village church then they're immediately off to Holland Bessy and the animals settle in right away but Jane worries that Nik isn't in love with her Actually Nik is having his own gradual DR Who knows how they would have managed it but As Fate Would Have It wink at Betty Magdalen there is an earthuake in Amsterdam one day while Jane is there She makes her way to the hospital and helps out in the Accident Room Nik calls for her to be sent to him; she's nervous because he told her not to drive in Amsterdam In her unnerved state she spills all and tells Nik she loves him just as he gets a call She tries to run away but he arranges for her to be delayed He takes the keys and calls her darling Declaration and Kissing follow I'm so glad we're married Nik So am I my darlingPretty standard TGB I love Jane's devotion to her animals I also like Nik's determination to help Jane even when he doesn't know why he is doing so

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At Odds with LovePUB or in his life Which was why his marriage proposal came as such a shock Just why did he want Jane for his wife if not for love. I loved it Could not put it down

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Summary ↠ At Odds with Love Æ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ ➸ At Odds with Love Free ➮ Author Betty Neels – When Jane needed help she was amazed that it was the charismatic surgeon Nikolaas van der Vollenhove who tore himself away from his busy schS busy schedule to come to her rescue A renowned workaholic it was obvious that he had no time for anything or anyone At Odds PDFE. Typical silly Betty Neels but less enjoyable than some I did find the image of cats on leashes hilarious Is that even possible Do any cats cooperate