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Review ☆ Rodeo Sweetheart ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ ➞ Rodeo Sweetheart free download ➣ Author Betsy St. Amant – To save her family ranch—and her father's legacy—Samantha Jenson reluctantly runs a dude ranch on the financially strapped property Among the greenhorn tourisN his vacation is over Until she learns that Ethan isn't on vacation at all He has a very big secret One that just might destroy her dreams of being his rodeo sweetheartforeve. Sam found her dreams – all but one– buried under the back breaking chores and financial responsibility on her family’s ranch She struggles under the work load and monetary burdens to hold onto her father’s legacy She holds tightly to the dream to make her father proud and bring his legacy back to what it used to be When handsome businessman Ethan Ames comes to stay at the ranch he annoys and intrigues her at the same time His willingness to help and work hard on the ranch doesn’t fit with the image he portrayed with his expensive clothes and fancy sports car Has she misjudged him Despite how he makes her heart feel her head says he can’t be trusted He has a secret He seems interested in her business but not very forthcoming in sharing his own As her long suppressed dreams make their way to the surface will her heart or head win When she finally learns the truth – will it be too late for all of her dreams to come true Love Marriage And will she really succeed feel she’s made her father proud and bring the ranch back to a real ranch not just a dude ranch Even though Sam has allowed adversity and tragedy to distance her from God will the circumstances she finds herself in draw her closer in communion with Him again Can she relinuish control and let God have the reins of her life And what about Ethan Will he be drawn to God in the uiet of Texas country and in the process learn to take control in a whole new way the way in which God desires Will they find God’s plan amidst all the struggles Will she ever be somebody’s Rodeo Sweetheart This is a charming story and I enjoyed reading it The author manages to include a lesson that shows sometimes we think we have to control everything But we all know Who's really in control If we give ourselves to God completely He’ll show us His plan Only through trusting in Him can we have discernment to trust others and make the right decisions

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And shiny cowboy boots handsome businessman Ethan Ames Ethan makes Sam remember her own dreams of love and marriage But surely he'll ride out of her life in his fancy car whe. Sweet story

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Rodeo SweetheartTo save her family ranch and her father's legacy Samantha Jenson reluctantly runs a dude ranch on the financially strapped property Among the greenhorn tourists in stiff jeans. Rodeo Sweetheart by Betsy St Amant is uite a ride But what a rideLove it love it love it The long rocky trail in Rodeo Sweetheart is filled with lies deception and romance But who’s fooling whom And why Will the deceptions ever endSamantha Jenson wants to save her family’s ranch A dude ranch isn’t what she had in mind but at the present it seems to be the only way to stay out of the red That is until a couple of other options come her way Yep “Lucy” just might be the answer to Samantha’s unanswered prayers But is the risk of a life worth saving the family ranch After all Samantha’s already lost one loved oneLate night rendezvous’ in the corrals More lies and deception Or whatEthan Ames is out to steal something precious away from Samantha To do that he has to keep a major secret What is that secret And what lengths will Ethan go to to accomplish this task Will his plans backfire or will he end up with something precious stolen from him instead After all the price of his deception is a whole lot higher than he anticipatedWell I hope I’ve whet your appetite If you want to discover the answers to these uestions pick up a copy of Rodeo Sweetheart You won’t be sorry Greenhornshold onto your saddle horn You’re fixin’ to learn some things about Did you really think I’d tell you As if