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SUMMARY ì Wedding Belles Sassy Belles #2 ☆ ✯ [PDF] ❤ Wedding Belles Sassy Belles #2 By Beth Albright ✼ – The Sassy Belles are backand this time wedding bells are ringingSeven months pregnant and head over heels in love Vivi Ann McFadden is busy pulling together the final details for her weddingShe doesBut not everyone is cheering for the happy couple News of the upcoming nuptials has brought Lewis's old flame Belles Sassy Belles ePUB #180 back to Tuscaloosa and she's got a secret that could mean the end of Lewis's marriage before it even beginsSexy Southern funwith a hint of magnolia. Vivi McFadden is getting ready to get married and have her first baby with her fiance Lewis Heart but what she doesn't know is that he's already married Part of some hazing in college he got roped into a fake wedding but what he doesn't realize is how real it wasAlso Blake O'Hara who's all but divorced her no good jerky husband except he's running for office and now she has to play the happy wife who isn't stepping out on her no good jerk of a husband with Sonny a chief homicide detective A man she loved since she was a young belleAlso while all this is going on Blake is also working on a murder case of her client's family of Walter Aaron's who are fighting with insurance company to get his death benefits Which opens all sorts of issues as to who would want to kill him Or why he got a secret marriage all of the sudden and then died And who is the mysterious bride Mrs Tamlyn H Hartman AaronThis book was so much fun I felt like I was reading similar books I've read by Sherryl Woods her magnolia series I would definitely put this book in with those I love southern women stories they have such character dedication and lots of love to share Definitely my new go to author for southern books and fun characters Can't wait to see what happens next

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Ding planners gone wild a psychic giving her advice and Wedding Belles PDFEPUB or the ceremony happening on the same day as the wildly popular Crimson Tide kickoff game chaos reigns supreme Luckily maid of honor Blake O'Hara Heart is on the job She'll tackle this wedding if it's the last thing. Taken from my blog Alabama LettersI really love it when an author manages to write a seuel that is even better than the first novel in the series and that is exactly what Beth Albright has done with Wedding Belles the second book in the Sassy Belle's trilogy to read the review of The Sassy Belles click HERE I intended to write this post a couple of weeks ago I met up with Beth Albright at the Romance Writers of America national conference in Atlanta in mid July and I was so excited to receive a copy of Wedding Belles I wanted to get a review out in time for the release but life got in the way I finally had a chance to read it this weekend and I really enjoyed itIn Wedding Belles we meet up with the same great characters from The Sassy Belles In that book Blake and husband Harry split up well for all intents and purposes Blake rekindled an old romance with town cop Sonny Vivi found out lover Lewis wasn't dead and much Dreamland BB sauce was shared by all involved In this book Albright picks up where she left off Blake is tentatively dipping her feet into a relationship with Sonny but will it work out Vivi five months pregnant with Lewis's child is planning her wedding but will a psychic's message about another woman in the picture prove true And Dallaswell Dallas is up to her usual shenanigans And PS I really want to see of her in book 3The book is just a lot of fun We still get to experience the setting of Tuscaloosa but I liked it much better in this book The fever of the fall football season really comes through towards the end of the book which is something I loved reading about Also I thought that the writing in this book was notably tighter than in the first novel I really saw this come to pass in Blake's development as a character I liked her in the first book but I also like to see her struggle a little bit with her feelings Overall this book was a perfect seuel to The Sassy Belles


Wedding Belles Sassy Belles #2The Sassy Belles are backand this time wedding Sassy Belles PDF #197 bells are ringingSeven months pregnant and head over heels in love Vivi Ann McFadden is busy pulling together the final details for her wedding to Lewis Heart famous play by play announcer for the Crimson Tide But with two wed. What a cute book Had me giggling from beginning to end All about love friendships and family with a lil drama but having fun too I definitely recommend this book