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Another Part of the WoodThe holiday continues their relationships start to show their cracks culminating in a tragic finale This gallery of characters are very well depicted with original and telling uirks and none of them is particularly sympathetic you get the impression that's not exactly on the author's list of priorities With the combination of fractured and broken personalities something awful is bound to happen sooner or later and it is the innocent youngster who takes the brunt of it on the very last page Not recommended for readers in a depressed or highly cynical mood but certainly very accomplished

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Nd his protege At the beginning everything is idyllic but catastrophe lurks behind every tree and as Take a clutch of disparate characters out of their usual comfort zones plant them in a primitive woodland camp for an uncomfortably long weekend and watch as their foibles and vulnerabilities collide and interweave with predictably dire conseuences The suspense of the book lies in not knowing uite which conseuences although Bainbridge uickly sets several hares runningSet in the early Swinging Sixties the permissive zeitgeist has clearly not yet impinged upon Bainbridge's odd cast who mostly seem like relics from an earlier much buttoned up period Yet this is a timeless tale of human alienation and dysfunctional dynamics packed into a short spare narrative whose atmosphere exudes dull menace from the outset I was fleetingly reminded Abigail's Party but without the laughs and Lord of the Flies but without the overt savagery The fateful and clearly telegraphed denouement creeps up on characters too self absorbed to react to what is really going on and so avert tragedyA tale with a shockingly abrupt end but disappointingly without any endgame I wanted Bainbridge to continue for at least another 24 hours unpicking all the recriminations and repercussions which would surely have ensued But no she simply puts down her penThere's no doubting the power of the author's sparse style but some of the characterisations are eually sparse which makes them an oddly unsympatheic bunch to relate to For me a strange and disconcerting read and ultimately a dissatisfying one

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Another Part of the Wood doc ✓ Hardcover ✓ beryl bainbridge ✓ ➷ [Reading] ➹ Another Part of the Wood By Beryl Bainbridge ➬ – In a remote cottage in Wales two urban couples are spending their holiday with an idealistic owner and his protege At the beginninIn a remote cottage in Wales two urban couples are spending their holiday with an idealistic owner a Imagine the whole world with its diversity shrunk into a cottage in woods It is like a society surviving on a tight rope The ego insecurity and loneliness boil beneath the masks of bourgeoisie society The emotions finally give away to the burden of the masks culminating in calamities Beryl's characters were impeccable plucked from diverse strata of the society