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SUMMARY Woolly The True Story of the de Extinction of One of History's Most Iconic Creatures 107 ¶ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Woolly The True Story of the de Extinction of One of History's Most Iconic Creatures Author Ben Mezrich – Ben Mezrich takes us on an exhiWorks to make fantasy reality by seuencing the DNA of a frozen woolly mammoth harvested from above the Arctic circle and splicing elements of that seuence into the DNA of Woolly The eBook #199 a modern elephant Will they be able to turn the hybrid cells into a functional embryo and bring the extinct creatures. A great overview of what's been happening in the mammoth restoration project Is there a satisfying conclusion Or course not unless I missed that mammoth herd from the latest Discovery Channel documentary This is a work in progress a tediously complicated task of figuring out how to bring back an animal that's been extinct for thousands of years and whose DNA is not readily available to the science to play with This is not a cloning project per se but a reconstruction effort a reverse engineering an invention of the wheel lost to time It's truly fascinating If you are considering picking up this book for yourself please consider what your expectations are More than anything Woolly is true to it's tagline the uest to Revive Therefore you will learn about the scientists involved and hurdles they go through every day instead of getting to the nitty gritty descriptions of genetic manipulations Woolly is a story of humans working on mammoths not a biology class on the extinct animal You will not learn a lot of actual science but you will understand what challenges are being faced and what creative solutions are being used The author uses uite a literary style for his nonfiction which might throw some people off but I enjoyed seeing the relatable side of the top scientists that might come off unapproachable otherwise And just for fun perhaps we are getting closer to getting that pesky DNA Controversial T Rex Soft Tissue Find Finally Explained Live Science

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True Story MOBI #237 Ben Mezrich takes us on an exhilarating true adventure story from the icy terrain of Siberia to the cutting edge genetic labs of Harvard University A group of young scientists under the guidance of Dr The True Story of the ePUB #10003 George Church the most brilliant geneticist of our time. Mezrich picks interesting topics I will concede that Readers may already have heard some years ago that a Harvard lab was working on de extinction of the Woolly Mammoth Mezrich brings us up to date on this project; indeed the first and last chapters in this “nonfiction” are set in the futureIf you are familiar with Mezrich’s writing the author weights the concept narrative nonfiction heavily on the narrative and fiction sides ostensibly to stoke momentum and get folks interested The only problem is that his very good instincts about what is intrinsically an interesting story fights with his method Sometimes the reader has to thrash through pages of invented dialogue to reach a critical conclusion a real buzz killer if there ever was oneBut this story works on many levels and while we are following his careful step by step thrust with one eye our mind is busy on the operations of a lab and the implications of the study for medicine for wildlife for every aspect of our visible and invisible world Mezrich eventually addresses many of these key issues in the text usually making the science sound responsible and considered I started to grow uncomfortable towards the end of the book when we are reminded that the science has progressed so far so fast that genomic modifications have escaped the lab environment and can be undertaken in a made over garage for relatively small costs and that billionaires of every stripe are lining up to make their money count for something big The real excitement of this story is in our imaginations and what the skills and knowledge of present day scientists can allow us to imagine Mezrich places us in fund raising meetings with billionaires allowing the most humble among us to enjoy the same stories and sense of excitement that fuels movers and shakers If the glamour of the whole thing begins to seem suspect at some point I think you’ve caught my sense of uneaseMezrich shares the history of the project including the work by Nikita Zimov in Northern Siberia determining that wooly mammoths seemed to have played a role in preserving the permafrost levels of the tundra by upturning the soil and exposing lower layers to the freezing temperatures His father Sergey Zimov apparently theorized that reestablishing animal herds that roamed Siberia earlier in human history might play a role in keeping escaping carbon and methane now seuestered in permafrost from accelerating the speed at which the earth warms The fact that woolly mammoth remains are discovered regularly now in thawing and melting ice and snow of the north is something I had not known The ancient ivory from the tusks is not protected and is therefore an important source of income for hunters sold in lieu of protected elephant tusks for the same reasons to the same buyers The scientists involved in the story at one of the Church labs at Harvard are fascinating individuals in their own right each with a backstory that only fuels our interest The project has been going on long enough now that the twenty something personnel involved at the beginning of the project are turning it over to others younger ones still to ensure continuity of skills on such a forward looking project The whole concept and execution of the mammoth idea is sufficientlymammothand complex enough to make readers feel as tho

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Woolly The True Story of the de Extinction of One of History's Most Iconic CreaturesTo life in our modern worldAlong with Church and his team of Harvard scientists a world famous conservationist and a genius Russian scientist plan to turn a tract of the Siberian tundra into Pleistocene Park populating the permafrost with ancient herbivores as a hedge against an environmental ticking time bom. Literally this was my fantasy while ignoring the teachers in AP bio I have wanted a woolly mammoth since I was a little girl and I am 100% on board for this#thedreamlives