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Download Book â Tracking Your Nightmare 127 pages â Baron specter ï ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Tracking Your Nightmare (Graveyard Diaries, #1) ✍ Author Baron Specter – Jared Jenson lives next to Woodland Cemetery at the far corner of Marshfield He used to think iEld grave Can the Zombie Hunters track down Jareds nightmare and free them all from the grave robbers? Calico Chapter Books is an imprint of Magic Wagon a division of ABDO Group Grades 3 8 I liked it I`m going to read the whole series

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Jared Jenson lives next to Woodland Cemetery at the far corner of Marshfield He used to think it was funny that he and his best friend Stan live by cemeteries but now its starting to creep My grandson gave me this book to read He is in second grade and really enjoys reading I read it today and now we're going to spend some time discussing it It was a very spooky book I can see why it held his attention

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Tracking Your Nightmare Graveyard Diaries #1 Him out In his dreams each night he sees people dragging bodies through the cemetery until he is dragged for real Ghostly grave robbers think he is supposed to be buried in the Potters Fi The first in the Graveyard Diaries series Tracking Your Nightmare taps into the whole zombievampirewerewolfghost craze and just in case that wasn't enough to make it something a kid would want to read it utilizes diary entries to tell part of the story The uestion is it it successful? It might be for a young kid who doesn't care that there are wholes big enough to drive a mack truck through in it For me I would have given it two stars but I think there are some kids who will enjoy it so I gave it 3 with that in mind It's a tad confusing because they are dealing with ghostly grave robbers in this book yet their group is called the Zombie Hunters Since it's the first book it seems that this would be their first encounter with other worldly beings but apparently at some point one of the boys saw zombies Also it's weird that you don't get much of a back story about how the group was formed just that Jared the main character in this book doesn't like 2 of the boys very well Huh?And the ending just plain stinks Melting ghosts who knew? Also I would have appreciated resolution and found out why the ghosts thought JAred should be dead why they did what they did although this may have been hard to accomplish in a book meant for younger readers