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St eligible bachelor Kirk DevonKirk's faded jeans and laid back charm are a million miles away from the sharp suited businessmen of New York But his warm choco. Angelica Cannon was burned out Her hectic pace as a premier musician kept her hopping from one concert to another with little time in between for anything else When had she sat and enjoyed the fiery brilliance of a sunset or spent any time with children These simple pleasures were denied herAngelica flees to Smoky Hollow Kentucky a uiet backwater town recommended by her teacher There she explores a relaxed country lifestyle and becomes friends with Kirk Devon her neighbor Slowly Kirk indoctrinates her into their way of living a slow paced way of life as divorced from her city living as her violin is from a fiddleThis is a charming story with a lovely turn of events at the end I’ve spent some time in the Kentucky hills myself and could really identify with the scenes described by Ms McMahon Indeed sometimes we can find love in the most unusual places but these are the dreams of true soul mates

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Angel of Smoky HollowLate eyes most definitely put the harmony back into her soulCity girl Angelica has already fallen for Smoky Hollow's magic now she's succumbing to Kirk's spell. Very gentle romance suitable for people who prefer their books clean barely any kissing One thing I appreciated about this book is the time span it takes events occur and the relationship develops over a number of weeks The sense of the community came through nicely too though it seemed a rather rosy view of life in an isolated small town One thing I enjoyed less was the amount of time the hero and heroine spent spinning their wheels over how hopeless their future seemed This made the book drag somewhat and highlighted how abruptly everything was resolved

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Free download ñ Angel of Smoky Hollow 105 ↠ [Read] ➳ Angel of Smoky Hollow ➯ Barbara McMahon – Musician Angelica Cannon arrived in Smoky Hollow battered suitcase and precious violin in tow to rediscover her passion for music not to fall for the town's most eligible bachelor Kirk DevonKirk's fad MusicMusician Angelica Cannon arrived in Smoky Hollow battered suitcase and precious violin in tow to rediscover her passion for music not to fall for the town's mo. I almost DNF’d this book during the first chapter but I was battling the stomach flu and didn’t feel well enough to get up off the coach I’m glad I finished it it’s refreshing to read a book set outside the big city that does not involve cowboys What drove me crazy is that the heroine Angelica went into instant attraction mode from the start From the moment she steps off the bus Angelica is mesmerized by Kirk and the author pounds it into the readers head to the point of ridiculousness “Her heart sped up Her sophisticated veneer shattered She’d never felt such an instant raw sensual attraction before” And it goes on and on We get it He’s hot I’m not reading the book however just to hear about how hot one of the characters is Thankfully the author does move the story forward and it’s a decent story Turns out Angelica is a musical prodigy who’s having a break down She needs to get away from the city and sort out who she is and what she wants She’s looking to learn about folk music and not looking for a relationship Kirk knows it can’t last because he wants to stay in Kentucky and Angelica will leave and go back to her life But that doesn’t stop the attraction between the two of them The rest of the book is sweet they help each other move beyond the emotional barriers holding them back Too bad the book gets off to such a rough start