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Book é Going Down È Download ¹ ❮Reading❯ ➾ Going Down Author Barbara Bell – Trapped in an elevator with her boss Ellie has been trying to keep her distance from Casey her supervisor ever since last year’s Christmas party A uickie in a bathroom stall left both women breathle Trapped in an elReady rising when Ellie and Casey find themselves alone in the elevator one Friday night at the office When the lift comes to a grinding stop awkward isn’t large enough a wor Ellie and her boss Casey may have crossed a line in a bathroom stall at the previous work Christmas Party It’s been months and Ellie has been avoiding Casey and only speaking to her boss about work matters when they used to be friends with each other It takes getting trapped in an elevator for a couple of hours together for Ellie to relive the mind blowing experience and try to figure out where they went wrong The sex between the two is going to leave you fanning yourself and wondering how Ellie could have ever let Casey disappear out of her life as a potential lover There’s a specific part that I wasn’t really into and I’m finding this in a lot of lesbian erotica but the rest of it was great I’d definitely want to visit Ellie and Casey again to find out how their relationship has progressed

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Left both women breathlessand than a little embarrassed when they rejoined the party Workplace snogging is highly inappropriate Though enormously eroticBody temperatures are al Detailed score 375Love me an erotirom and this one was very nicely done3 pwoar scenescomplete with consent is sexy AND some sweet mini angsty romanceOnly couple of criticisms are that it’s expensive for the amount of words you get and that I would have preferred the protagonists to be a bit older I think they were meant to be mid 20s is but they read youngerOverall though anreslly enjoyable read that had me wishing I didn’t start to read it on my lunch break at work instead of the comfort of home will I ever learn?

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Going DownTrapped in an elevator with her boss Ellie has been trying to keep her distance from Casey her supervisor ever since last year’s Christmas party A uickie in a bathroom stall After a uick hookup with her boss Casey at their work's Christmas party Ellie tries her best to avoid her gorgeous manager But that is about to change when they both get trapped inside an elevator for hours and have to face their feelings for each other This is a hot and entertaining erotica novella part of the 'Dirty Bits' collection by Carina Press Written in third person from the point of view of Ellie the reader is stuck in her headspace with her funny sarcastic and insecure personality It also provides an air of mystery surrounding Cassie that suits the character's personality and her position as Ellie's boss The novella starts in the present as the elevator gets stuck and both mains are trapped inside There are a few flashbacks from the Christmas party in which Ellie and Cassie had a bit of action in a toilet stall The transitions between present and past are seamless and gradually give background to the storyThe sex scenes are very well written and have all the ingredients for a great erotica read steamy and varied They showcase the characters' personalities and their budding relationship Worth a read for erotica fansOverall a well written entertaining and hot erotica novella 45 starsARC provided by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewSee all my reviews at wwwlezreviewbookscom