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Mästerdetektiven Blomkvist Read ¾ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ ➽ [Reading] ➿ Mästerdetektiven Blomkvist By Astrid Lindgren ➲ – Helpyouantib.co.uk Warum hat Kalle Blomuist der Meisterdetektiv nur nicht das Glück gehabt in London oder Chicago zur Welt zu kommen wo Verbrechen an der Tagesordnung sind EndiebstahlDer erste spannende Fall von Kalle Blomuist dem Meisterdetektiv Mehr von ihm gibt es in den Büchern Kalle Blomuist lebt gefährlich und Kalle Blomuist Eva Lotta und Rasmu. This is a book about 13 year old boy named Kalle Blomkvist He wants to be a detective like the people in books but he thinks there’s nothing to do of the sort in his uiet small and boring town He and his best friends Anders and Eva Lotta have a game “battle” with other kids There’s nothing so detective ish about thatSuddenly Kalle finds suspicious clues The police doesn’t believe him so it looks like he’ll have to complete this mission with help of Anders and Eva LottaWhat I Liked I like this book because it shows kids that they can do anything Even if adults don’t believe you you can still do what you think is rightI like that this book is not only about exploring a secret crime It also shows how Kalle and his friends had fun These “Battles” also play a major part in the storyReading ExperienceI really enjoyed the reading process There were many funny parts scary parts and puzzling parts I really liked that you can train your detective skills by following Kalle agreeing with him and making your own opinions about the mysterious happenings I recommend “Kalle Blomkvist – Master Detective” for children of ages 9 but younger kids can read it too

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M langweiligen Kleinköping in Schweden Doch dann findet Kalle Blomuist in einer alten Schlossruine eine auffällig schimmernde Perle und kurz darauf hört er von einem großen Juwel. I made an effort to read this had to Inter Library Loan it because Stieg Larsson's books include references to it Specifically to the main character which in the Swedish books is Kalle Blomuist but in the English translations is Bill BergsonThis is the first of three or so books in the series and it's a pretty good little kids detective story Kids solve the case of a jewel heist while playing in their small town A uaint 50's feel and some charming uirks in the translation

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Mästerdetektiven BlomkvistWarum hat Kalle Blomuist der Meisterdetektiv nur nicht das Glück gehabt in London oder Chicago zur Welt zu kommen wo Verbrechen an der Tagesordnung sind Stattdessen lebt er in diese. Teenager Kalle Blomkvist Bill Bergson in English spends the summer days playing with his friends Eva Lotta and Anders and once in a while they team up to fight the rival “gang” over real or invented disagreements But in his daydreams Kalle has an alter ego Master Detective Blomkvist Nothing much happens in the small Swedish town where he lives and whenever something does happen the only suspect is the local drunk No case is too big or too small for Master Detective Blomkvist who puts his investigative powers and intellect to use in search for clues and suspicious events or persons When uncle Einar a distant relative of Eva Lotta shows up Kalle eyes a possibility to get his breakthrough If only uncle Einar could do something suspiciousThe story about Kalle is about the inventiveness and imagination that emerges from good old boredom It brings back childhood memories of make believe hide and seek spying and what to do with all this spare time Boy do I miss itI read this to my kids and they were as captivated by it as I was as a kid and still today Combine stories like this with some basic offline time and you’ve read I’ve got yourself myself a massive stress reducer It takes me back to nature back to playfulness back to joy and happiness Peace of mind for a 150 ish page read That I’d say is a bargain