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Sutcliffe Cove Read & download ¿ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free è ❮Read❯ ➵ Sutcliffe Cove Author Ariel Tachna – Seeking first time riding lessons in the rolling hills of Connecticut Gerald Saunders is pleased to discover Sutcliffe Cove The current proprBe so much sexually satisfying emotionally intimate or even warmly loving But Gerald is so laid back Brett just isn't sure what to do next Move forward and deepen their relationship Or back off and just be friends with benefi. I love Madeleine Urban’s book and this is no exception The descriptions of horseback riding lessons are amazing thanks to Ariel Tachna and the story is just nice and makes you feel good There is no big crisis no stalker no big misunderstanding that splits them up They have some communication issues to work through and it takes them 5 months to get together and they become best friends first which I think is really realistic as the one guy was with someone else You just feel good after you read it Very likable characters

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Home at the farm as he spends and time volunteering there Over the course of a few months Gerald and Brett build a strong friendship but it's not until Gerald is off on vacation that the two men realize their friendship could. This is the first book I’ve read by this duo so I’m not familiar enough with their work but their combined voice did resonate with a lovely seamless blending throughout this particular story Considering this is the first time these particular authors have worked together the result is especially impressive Their solid writing style combines an easy fluid pace with imminently relatable characters giving an almost every day feel to their romance Due to the lack of inherent or created drama these men had a very honest common man feel that lent itself to the rather simple yet lovely romanceGerald and Brett are both easy going and well adjusted gay men maintaining good relationships with their families and friends Neither has extensive baggage from past relationships or emotional trauma no hidden secrets or drama just waiting to unfold and ruin a happy new relationship These men are common every day men who work hard at their jobs and are very happy with uiet nights at home maybe an occasional night out These are not emotional or physical hermits; on the contrary these are normal men the rare commodity in romance novels While I don’t mean to harp upon this fact this refreshing take allows uietly interesting characters to take center stage over dynamic and flawed personalities mired in dramaThe book’s premise is centered completely on Gerald and Brett as they meet and become close friends before anything sexual happens between them While there is mild tension between the men it’s low key and involves no dramatic disclosures or painful longing The men simply admire each other until circumstances happen to collide and the men are able to act on their growing desires At this point Gerald and Brett don’t uestion their good fortune; instead simply bask in their combined happiness and ever growing closeness The easy transition from friends to lovers is as seamless as lovers to permanent partners The only slight hitch is Gerald’s overly affable personality leaves Brett uestioning his true desires However even that small worry is easily worked out between two men clearly well suited for each other and comfortable togetherFor all the lack of drama and tear wrenching angst the gradual increase of attraction and passion is never boring The pace never drags as the story progresses from friends to lovers even as it takes a considerable amount of time for erotic romance standards I appreciated the lovely pace as suiting the characters and their lifestyle The passion between the men is never in doubt as their sex scenes once together are emotion filled and steamy exploring a healthy sex life they will no doubt enjoy From start to finish this was an utterly refreshing and charming look at an everyday couple as they meet fall in love and make a life long commitment to each at their own pace and in their own waySlight problems did occur which keep this from being a fabulous story unfortunately The authors do a wonderful job in blending writing styles so it’s near impossible to differentiate however the repeated changing POVs created definite problems The freuent changes occurred so rapidly that the intended point of view is often confused with the other characters’ thoughts This recurring head hopping lent a sometimes clumsy and awkward feel to the writing which was unfortunate when taken with the strength of the description and characterization Additionally while the pace and telling didn’t drag for me the story could have easily been shortened to its benefit Numerous sex scenes towards the end added nothing to the story or connection between the men other than to show the very relatable relationship they created To this end the actual ending felt abrupt as the scene itself was similar to many prior and gave no indication of an actual ending sceneOverall this was a lovely and charming tale about two sexy cowboys well one cowboy and one in training cowboy Their relationship will resonate easily with romance lovers and even the lack of angst and drama shouldn’t bother readers as the personalities and circumstances involved create little to no conflict affording in this case a simple and classic romance I easily recommend this story and eagerly await new offerings from this duo of authors

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Sutcliffe CoveSeeking first time riding lessons in the rolling hills of Connecticut Gerald Saunders is pleased to discover Sutcliffe Cove The current proprietor Brett Sutcliffe welcomes the beginner and Gerald uickly finds a home away from. What a bland book The main point of conflict was that Gerald is too agreeable Other than saying ok to whatever Brett wants Gerald is perfect The whole time I was reading I kept expecting something horrible to happen just to interject a little drama Maybe a horse throwing one of the main characters and causing him to be hospitalized Cliche in a book like this I know so that's why I was expecting it Or maybe Brett's former boyfriend Robbie popping back up to stir the pot But no he was conveniently and uickly dispatched with a job promotion in another city They started going over the financials for the farm so I'm thinking ok here we go The place is bleeding money and Brett might lose it unless there's an immediate source of cash Nope Everything was fine So after a dinner with Gerald's of course 100% supportive family the book ends leaving me askingwhat was the point It was pleasant enough but not really interesting I'm writing all of this at 149am because I know that tomorrow I'll have forgotten most of it I didn't dislike it so not a one star rating but I didn't really like it all that much either Two stars it is