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READ ã The Complete Horowitz Horror Í ➸ [Read] ➳ The Complete Horowitz Horror By Anthony Horowitz ➽ – New York Times Bestseller Anthony Horowitz's horror collections now in one volume Welcome to a world where everything seems normal At least at first But the sinister and truly terrifying lurk just beS Bath Night Killer Camera Light Moves The Night Bus Harriet's Horrible Dream Scared A Career in Computer Games The Man with the Yellow Face The Monkey's Ear The Hitchhiker The Sound of Murder Burned Flight Howard's End The Elevator The Phone Goes Dead Twist Cottage The Shortest Horror Story Ever Written. This book wasnt even scary At most points in the story it got boring


Mera that does unspeakable things to its subjectsor an elevator filled with cannibals just waiting for their next victim to The Complete PDF walk in This wicked collection of eighteen macabre tales combining both Horowitz Horror and More Horowitz Horror will send shivers up your spineThis edition include. “Bath Night”When a family buys an antiue and haunted bath tub a girl begins to fear taking a bath This was a decent story though the reveal of where the tub came from felt a bit predictable and easy 35“Killer Camera” A boy buys a camera from a yard sale only to find out it kills whatever and whoever is captured in a picture This was a cool idea with a uestion mark of an ending 45“Light Moves”A father gives his son a new computer formerly owned by a deceased coworker This had a different take on the haunted computer and had a decent snap ending 35“The Night Bus”Two brothers coming home from a party accidentally hop on a bus for the dead It seemed like I’ve heard of this idea before and I felt the reveal at the end was pretty unnecessary 35“Harriet’s Horrible Dream”Harriet’s nightmare serves as a frame for the story which unfolds only it isn’t a dream This was an interesting concept framed in a dream though a bit lacking in believability 35“Scared”Another kid wanders the countryside when he and his mother stay in a farmhouse This had a great snap ending though it felt incomplete as for a storyline 25“A Career in Computer Games”A boy finds a job ad for a career in computer games no ualifications needed This was a senseless story where seriously who the hell would think some shady job offer was a good idea 15“The Man with the Yellow Face”A boy takes some pictures in a photo booth except one of them turns out to be of a strange man who looks familiar This was an interesting concept and ending 35“The Monkey’s Ear”A family visiting Marrakesh has the son wanting to buy a monkey’s ear which can grant four wishes The concept seemed familiar and I found the characters pretty stupid though the ending turned out punny 35“The Hitchhiker”A take on the classic hitchhiker story takes a twist when a family picks up a man who the son suspects is a murderer I enjoyed the unexpected ending and the unreliable narrator worked well 45“The Sound of Murder”When a new teacher is hired a deaf student begins to hear voices every time she goes to his class I liked the concept and haven’t read anything with a deaf character before 45“Burned”A kid joins his aunt and uncle on a trip to Barbados where they witness the uncle’s attempts to get a tan This was a lighthearted story that was funny than scary 45“Flight 715”A girl vacationing with her family has a dream of her own death if they take the next flight back home I’d read or seen this idea before and it was nothing new though the explanation at the end was different 35“Howard’s End”A shoplifter get run over by a bus and goes to what he thinks if heaven; this was another one of those humorous stories and I enjoyed the twist though these bully characters are getting repetitive 35“The Elevator”A police detective tries to solve the mystery of a boy who disappeared in an elevator For once the protagonist isn’t a teenager and I found the case fascinating This did feel like the start of a longer story and wished there was a conclusion 45“The Phone Goes Dead”A boy gets a dead woman’s phone and begins to get phone calls from beyond the grave This seemed like an overdone idea; nothing new here 25“Twist Cottage”A family moves into a haunted cottage For a haunted house story this one was decent though could’ve used atmosphere 45“The Shortest Horror Story Ever Written”A short meta storyconclusion about the author sneaking this piece into the book by breaking into the publisher’s office 45I’d heard of the Horowitz Horror books before when I was younger but never got around to reading them Definitely these stories are geared towards a younger audience maybe even younger than YA and so many of the ideas are brief concepts which was the strongest part of the collection but the characters are pretty flat and the plotlines pretty thin Also it must be a generational or British thing given how old these stories are but they read kind of dated I mean Oriental and asylums Overall for brief creepy and playful old school horror stories these are a treat 325 stars

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The Complete Horowitz HorrorNew York Times Bestseller Anthony Horowitz's horror collections now in one volume Welcome to a world where everything seems normal At least at first But the sinister and truly terrifying lurk just beneath the surface Like a bathtub with a history so haunted no one dares get in itor an ordinary looking ca. Well it’s definitely safe to say that this is the last time I read anything by Horowitz This supposed horror story collection was absolutely dreadful and definitely NOT what I’d call horror The stories were just so juvenile and there was so much wrong with them on so many levels And don’t get me started on how predictable they were I could tell the whole damn story just by the title