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FREE DOWNLOAD ß The ueens Choice µ [Reading] ➺ The ueens Choice By Anne OBrien – France 1399 The Duke of Brittany is dead and his widow Joanna of Navarre has inherited control of their land a testament to her intellect integrity and political prowessThen comes an unprecedented pro France The Duke of Brittany is deaEn his new ueen Crossing the channel is a dangerous prospect But the union between Joanna and Henry would bring the chance of a vital alliance between two proud states – if they will allow itOne uestion Two paths A choice that will make history. The relatively unknown story of Henry IV's ueen romance than history but nevertheless entertaining

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Oming his ueen Abandoning her homeland leaving her children The ueens ePUB #10003 and sacrificing her independence Henry’s hold on the crown is unsteady and war is brewing With the constant threat of rebellion Henry will trust no one – not ev. It’s 1399 When Joanna of Navarre’s husband dies she gets to rule over Brittany temporarily until her oldest son is grown up She has a luxurious life and is an influential woman Her husband always liked the English and because of him Joanna meets Henry IV the man who’s going to be king of England They have a connection and he asks her to be his wife Joanna would become ueen of England if she accepts but she has to give up a lot if she decides to marry Henry She would have to leave her home her country and family behind and also her influence It’s a difficult choice to make especially since she has no idea what lies aheadJoanna of Navarre has to make a difficult choice She has to leave everything she knows behind to move to England if she wants to marry king Henry IV In 1399 kings are uickly succeeding each other There’s always a war going on and life at the court is pretty uncertain That’s the climate in which Joanna has to live her life She’s strong she’s courageous and she’s stubborn She and Henry have that in common which makes them an intriguing pair I love how brave Joanna is Her best feature is that she can admit it when she makes a mistake I liked that a lot about her She’s an amazing main character for a book and I enjoyed reading about her life very much I greatly admire how Anne O’Brien writes about influential women from the past She makes them come to life very well and her stories are always interesting She also has a beautiful and expressive writing style Her stories are impressive and they manage to captivate me from beginning to end Joanna doesn’t have an easy character and sometimes she makes things difficult for herself It was fascinating to read about her inner battles I think Anne O’Brien wrote about her in such a brilliant way The story is fantastic and the proud character of Joanna makes an admirable heroine I highly recommend this book


The ueens ChoiceFranceThe Duke of Brittany is dead and his widow Joanna of Navarre has inherited control of their land a testament to her intellect integrity and political prowessThen comes an unprecedented proposal from Henry IV King of England The price of bec. Joanna of Navarre is not a popular choice as subject in straight history or HF If she was anything like the character imagined by Anne O'Brien it's no wonder; not a very likable character Poor old Henry IV no matter what he did he was blamed for it Nobody really wanted Richard II to remain as king but it seems no one wanted Henry IV either and he wasn't such a bad old stick just very hamstrung by circumstance I break with populist feeling over Henry V I think he was pretty dire but I have a softish spot for Henry IV So if Joanna was as unhelpful high handed and arrogant as she comes across in this tale he was truly beset on all sides As Ms O'Brien would have it even after she realised he was in trouble Joanna carried on being mulish self centred and sulky And this is portrayed as a love match I'd say this book was too heavy on the romance and not enough on the history except there seems to be little romance eitherI suspect there is not a great deal of recorded information about Joanna so Ms O'Brien had to make it up That being the case did she have to make her so slappableEdit Thinking overnight and want to add that Henry V was not just dire he was cynically amoral Why is it that we look back at the various monarchs and say 'he was strong' vis Edward I or Henry V for instance and 'he was weak' vis Edward II Henry VI for instance We don't look for justice care of the common weal excellent lawmaking we look for ruthless controlling machismo and interpret it as 'strength' Sad reflection on enduring human values no