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The King's Sister summary â 108 » [Download] ➼ The King's Sister By Anne OBrien – 1382 Daughter of John of Gaunt sister to the future King Henry IV Elizabeth of Lancaster has learned the shrewd tricks of the court from England’s most powerful men In a time of political turmoil al Daughter of John of Gaunt sister tDaughter of John of Gaunt sister to the future King Henry IV Elizabeth of Lancaster has learned the shrewd tricks of the court from England’s The King's ePUB #10003 most powerful men In a time of political turmoil allegiance to family is everything A Plantagenet princess should never defy her father’s wishes. Elizabeth of Lancaster is cousin to the King It is her place to marry well and to make the right connections for her father John of Gaunt But Elizabeth is headstrong and spoilt and wants to make her own future so she marries the King's half brother John Holland instead But when her brother Henry comes to claim the throne Elizabeth must make a terrible choice Which side of her family should she chooseI have lived in Lancashire for the past 12 years so I felt an affinity with the Plantaganets and thought I would really enjoy a novel about their exploits I might still do that but I am afraid I didn't enjoy this one at all ELizabeth the character around whom the whole story revolves is a distinctly unpleasant and tedious character She isn't a villain with all the intrigue and interest which a character of that ilk can generate she's just a thoughly self centred and unpleasant individualEven sadly it's not as if any of the other characters in the novel are pleasant or endearing It might actually be that we don't get the chance to know them intimately enough since the book races through scenes with minute and pointless detail without fleshing out the characters in any way I don't feel I know any of them any better than when I started it and sadly I just don't want to This was not a novel for me and I would be very surprised to find the audience it did appeal to An idea of great promise very poorly executed; I would not recommend this book at all

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S seized the throne Her husband confident to the usurped Richard masterminds a secret plot against the new King Trapped in a dangerous web Elizabeth must make a choice Defy the King and betray her family Or condemn her husband and send him to his death Sister Wife Traitor She holds the fate of England in her hand. Elizabeth of Lancaster is the formidable daughter of John of Gaunt and as such inherits the pride and arrogance of the great Plantagenet dynasty Rejecting a marriage to John Hastings the juvenile Earl of Pembroke Elizabeth flouts convention to marry the ruthlessly ambitious Sir John Holland Duke of Exeter who is half brother to the King Richard II The marriage is passionate volatile and not without danger However disobedience comes at a price and the rebellious nature of Elizabeth’s husband ensures that the marriage is both dynastically and emotionally flawed from the very start Being close to the crown is to play with fire and as the brothers sisters and cousins in this deadly game of thrones continue to play out their petty dynastic dramas Elizabeth of Lancaster must act as a political shield in order to keep both her husband and brother from committing the ultimate betrayal In history books Elizabeth of Lancaster is portrayed as a shadowy figure caught on the periphery of royalty but her Plantagenet connections to both King Richard II and King Henry IV ensured her a prominent role in the history of England and it is commendable that her story is told by an author who handles both her character and the time in which she lived with remarkable sensitivity There is danger and intrigue in abundance and yet the shadow of loss seems to follow Elizabeth around and I felt immense sympathy for her I was less enamoured of her husband who I felt let her down but as is the way with historical fiction nothing can be done about the eventual outcomeThere is no doubt that the author has captured this genre of historical romance her books are delightfully readable not just with a good dollop of romance to keep you entertained but also with a wealth of factual detail which helps to connect the story accurately into time and place Impeccably researched and with a fine eye for historical accuracy the characters really come to life As the drama of their complex lives start to unfold it becomes obvious that life at the royal court in the fourteenth century was fraught with the threats and menace of a dark and dangerous time The conseuences of this deadly manoeuvring for supremacy would of course tear the Plantagenet family apart for generations

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The King's SisterYet headstrong Elizabeth refuses to bow to the fate of a strategic marriage Rejecting her duty Elizabeth weds the charming and ruthlessly ambitious Sir John Holland Duke of Exeter half brother to King Richard II and the one man she has always wanted But defiance can come at a price Elizabeth’s brother Henry ha. Anne O'Brien just kills meI thought that this novel fell into two very distinctive portions The first was the wooing and 'falling in love' stage of the novel There was little action in this half of the novel from a political standpoint therefore the 'romance' and the development of John and Elizabeth was central Unfortunately I did not warm to Elizabeth she was selfish and vain and I hoped that she would eventually develop into a woman rather than this spoiled child Retrospectively I wish that this first half would have been Book 1 and written from the viewpoint of John Holland He was passionate about Elizabeth and doggedly pursued her despite all political and personal obstacles I wish we could have felt this from his point of view because it wasn't well translated with Elizabeth as our narrator In fact at times I felt only a tense anger between John and Elizabeth Their conversations were so often made in anger frustration and hatred and it ruined the wooing that John was so intent on I found this portion of the novel lacking and very nearly stopped reading the novel altogether The whole section went on for far too long as previously mentioned there was little action and I would much rather have been reading about their relationship post marriageAs it happens I was vastly pleased that I had forged on Feeling much like a stubborn Plantagenet woman myself to be honest The second 'half' was really from the point that political action begins to affect the relationship between John and Elizabeth In this portion of the novel their love is tangible and so emotionally affecting to read The tensions radiating from political turmoil are beginning to affect them and you have a wondrous sense of foreboding as you read a mounting tension that was so lacking in the first half of the novel I feel that Elizabeth has grown into a mature role as wife and mother and she becomes a much likable narrator Her feelings for John and his for her are evident in every conversation even in angry political disputes I hated John for sacrificing that bond in the name of loyalty to Richard who had so freuently cast his brother off and yet I sobbed throughout the entirety of his imprisonment death and through Elizabeth's subseuent grief because I missed him so much and mourned his loss as a character Elizabeth became a strong woman in this isolation and fought for her children and husband proudly even if she did still display these shows of vain selfishness I hated her for supporting her brother over her bond with John but appreciated that it tore her apart to choose anyone but her love Though their love was a deep bond it was not enoughEvery time I thought about Elizabeth and John saying goodbye to each other and then her knowing that he was dead my stomach made this awful flop as though I too were grieving When I read his letter of forgiveness I nearly worked my way through a box of tissues It takes a superb writing talent to be able to affect a reader so emotionally and I absolutely applaud that I don't know whether it is because this is based on real people and real events that you almost believe that it is fact which makes it all the tangibleOverall I think that the whole novel needed to be slim lined because there was a lot of waffle in the first half of the book that almost put me off but I could recommend sticking with it because it was an absolute experience reading the development of Elizabeth and John as a married couple torn apart by familial loyalty but desperately in love