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SUMMARY The Millionaire's Virgin ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ➳ [Read] ➮ The Millionaire's Virgin By Anne Mather ➾ – Nikolas Petronides has not forgiven Paige for walking out on him four years ago after he accused her of gold digging Once a welcome guest at his Greek islandShe'd be a lowly paid employee But what exactly will Nikolas be expecting from her. I wouldn't wish Ariadne or Sophie not even on my worst enemy Those two teenage girls were severely exasperating and good riddance when they go off to boarding school Besides that I enjoyed the novel Okay read

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Er he accused her of gold digging Once a welcome guest at his Greek island home now. 4 stars is a bit generous i know 35 stars is like itBut coming from Anne Mather this book is a good unexpected change The leads were sincere morally sound peopleThe presence of 2 bratty incorrigible teenage girls added spice to the tale Though they were too young to play the OW they were irritable pests for the leads Good fun to readI loved the dignified way the heroine carried herselfGood read kudos Anne Mather

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The Millionaire's VirginNikolas Petronides has not forgiven Paige for walking out on him four years ago aft. 3 Angsty StarsThis was kind of a sad story It tells of a couple in love that had their relationship torn apart by a vindictive third party Paige met and fell in love with Nikolas after meeting him at an event she attended with her father She thought that he felt the same and willingly gave her virginity to him A few days later she learned from her father that Nikolas was just playing a game with her and using her to get back at him Distraught she flees and returns to London where she tries to put her life back togetherFour years later Paige is in debt After her father’s death she learns that he abused his clients’ finances Using their money to invest in failing schemes and losing everything She also learns that he took out numerous mortgages on their home leaving her and her younger sister Sophie not only poor but homeless tooForced to live with her aunt Paige is looking for work when fate brings her Nickolas back into her life He tricks her into meeting him for lunch and offers her a job in Greece to become a companion to his 17 year old ward Ariadne Paige is dismissive of his offer until she learns that her sister has started dabbling in drugs and realizes that she needs to get Sophie out of LondonPaige and Nikolas are both still attracted to each other but are fighting against They both resent the other for things they believed the other did These perceived wrongs are not true and as the story unfolds they learn the truthPaige’s father resentful of the fact the Nikolas refused to back him in a losing scheme destroyed their relationship with lies He made sure that Paige and Nikolas were kept apart so they would never learn the truth It wasn’t until his death that Nikolas wanting revenge contacted Paige once againDuring the entire book you felt Paige’s pain and could tell that she was hanging on by a thread Her sister is a spoiled brat only out to make herself happy Her charge is a confused sometimes vindictive girl with a serious crush on her ward and Nikolas goes out of his way to make her feel small So it’s no surprise that she is barely keeping it together Nikolas had his moments of being the biggest bully on the block He ran hot and cold with Paige leaving her confused and flustered Fighting his need for her was harder for him than he thought it would be so he took his frustration out on her I am a fan on the older Harleuin Presents and this one was no exception While not my favorite it was still an interesting story and the characters had just the right amount of angst to make it a good story As the story unraveled and I learned of Paige’s father’s deception I began to sympathize with the characters and how this deception destroyed a budding love and took so much away from Paige It also spoke volumes about her that she was able to forgive her father for his weaknessThis was a good read with a lot of the typical HP plot twists But that’s why read HP it is comfortable entertaining the characters are all like old friends and they all get their HEA