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La Tentation d'Angéliue Free read À PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ La Tentation d'Angéliue By Anne Golon ✐ – Faithful Wife of Slave of PassionSeparated from her husband and all alone i the savage wilderness Angeliue learned to beF a King Angeliue has loved intrigued hated and fought her way into the hearts of millions of readers all over the world Once you've met Angeliue you won't want to miss any of the sensational Angeliue novels ANGELIUE ANGELIUE AND THE KING ANGELIUE IN BARBARY ANGELIUE IN REVOLT ANGELIUE IN LOVE THE COUNTESS ANGELIUE THE TEMPTATION OF ANGELIUE. I read all these over 40 years ago and loved them

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Eakness of passion It seemed impossible to remain faithful to her distant husband in the face of such glorious temptationHave you met AngeliueShe's La Tentation Kindle one of the most irresistible heroines in the history of fiction Her stormy adventures have taken her from the gutters of Paris to the harems of Africa to the silken prison o. Brala sem jo sicer leto dni z vmesnimi prestanki prva polovica se mi je kar vlekla je pa druga polovica zato toliko bolj presenetila

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La Tentation d'AngéliueFaithful Wife of Slave of PassionSeparated from her husband and all alone i the savage wilderness Angeliue learned to be strong enough to brave all the perils of frontier life Then an intruder entered the forest the dashing roguish pirate who had set her heart aflame once before Angeliue soon found her new strength give way to the familiar w. Some 40 odd years ago I slowly collected the whole available series of Angeliue one by one with the little money I saved right out of high school working at a hamburger stand for 145 an hour and after paying rent and college fees It made me feel so grown up Took me about a year tooThe series was one of my most prized collections Translated from French This to me was literature I hadn't discovered real literature yet Lord of the Flies was about it So exciting; all those crazy adventures from the French countryside to Versailles to being held captive by pirates being sold to a sultan life in the New World on and on Pure escapism and it didn't end until it did sigh Alas my original collection is GONE The paperbacks with the white background with Angeliue in court dress looking hot as hell those editions I'm in process of reacuiring the whole series which will be a hodge podge of covers since those specific editions are upwards of some 100 each Crazy Yet I owned them and read them and am very grateful I had them in the beginning of my independent life Yea Just tore through my bookshelves I know I have one other Angeliue book somewhere This The Temptation of Angeliue is the only one I found Grrrr I hate hate hate starting actually restarting a series from the middle Whatever It's still Angeliue And it's GREAT if you're a fan of high adventure and romance And modern French literature lolPS Read these in order if you can because the endings will leave you hangingPPS The author's name Here we go again I always assumed it was Sergeanne Golon The American publishers credit as such HOWEVER it's actually Anne Golon who did the writing; Serge her husband did the historical research And the original French publishers refused to credit Anne just like they did with Colette Go figure So all books in the series are listed here on Goodreads under her name a good thing