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Characters ´ Indomptable Angéliue ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub å ❰Download❯ ➽ Indomptable Angéliue Author Anne Golon – Opnieuw slaat het noodlot toe en Angéliue wordt ontvoerd door een piraat die haar het bed in probeert te praten Angéliue wijst hem echter af waaOpnieuw slaat het noodlot toe en Angéliue wordt ontvoerd door een piraat die haar het bed in probeert te praten Angéliue wijst hem echter af waarna de pira. Sins of my youth I read this book when I was 12 with red ears well still a pretty good trash read

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At haar als slaaf probeert te verkopen Ze wordt gekocht door de sultan die haar toevoegt aan zijn harem waar ze al snel uitgroeit tot zijn ‘favoriet ’waa. Barely ok borderline why am I doing this to myselfBack when I was a teenager it never would've even occurred to me to read this series; now I've decided to 'marathon' it for the historical interest and to see how long I'd last Well this one is where I throw the white flag for the momentThe first book instantly alarmed me with its persistent mentions of sexuality and sexual violence; it did not seem like a 'light' read to me at all Or at least a relaxing one Then I pressed on and Angeliue managed to charm me all over again plus there was surprisingly atmosphere and history than I expected for a proto 'bodice ripper' It's not that the series is shallow or poorly written save for some eyebrow raising turns of phrase but could also be the translation's faults it's that it's seriously weighed down by all the toxic romance and views about men andvs womenThe Parisian underworld was grotesue but it was husband #2 Philippe who completely disgusted me Like I eyeroll at de Peyrac whenever he speaks of love but Philippe I wanted to shoot dead personally Then the books continued their slow but sure slide towards the horrific rape in book 5 absolutely 100 % skipping that one In this instalment the sheer objective horror of captivity and slavery well described in non fiction like The Ordeal of Elizabeth Marsh or Andrian Tinniswood's book about Barbary corsairs is made even scarier by the romance cliches and fetishism No amount of personal bravery could counter the icky feeling of needing brain bleach andor a long shower Plus both of my favourites after Angeliue Savary and the Grand Eunich die awful and pointless deathsOH and the whole Angeliue repeatedly not recognising Rescator Pure black comedy tbh

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Indomptable AngéliueRdoor ze zich de woede van een rivale op de hals haalt Ondertussen is Joffrey de Peyrac onvermoeibaar op zoek naar zijn geliefde Zullen elkaar ooit nog vinde. I read this series of Angeliue books when I was 16 17 years old I thought it was cool that they were translated from French I liked the exotic settings geographically and historically and I liked the idea that she could get out of any situation and the passionate parts were just icing on the cake At that time I had no idea what a bodice ripper novel was and probably wouldn't pick it up today I rated as I would have when I read them