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The Bone Cage free read ↠ 9 ë ❰Read❯ ➭ The Bone Cage Author Angie Abdou – Digger an 85 kilo wrestler and Sadie a 26 year old speed swimmer stand on the verge of realizing every athlete's dream winning a gold medal at the Olympics Both athletes are nearing the end of their a Digger an kilo wrestler and SadBetween Digger and Sadie is tested in the all important months leading up to the Olympics as intense training schedules divided loyalties and unpredicted The Bone eBook #218 obstacles take their draining toll The Olympics as both of them are painfully aware will be the realization or the end of a life's dream The Bone Cage captures the physicality sen. Libraries like most stores usually have a row of temptations close by the check out It is here that even those who have managed to be disciplined whilst browsing for the items on their list sometimes succumb So I plucked this book from the shelf the Canada Reads certificate on the cover giving me some kind of endorsement to add to my pile which now exceeded my self imposed limit of 6 books per visitThe cover itself is lovely an undulating blue revealing a swimmer underwater and the title resonated with one of my favorite books this yearso there I was unpacking my acuisitions to place on the shelf I reserve for library books I opened it for the first time What had I done This was a tale of Olympic aspirants Not my cup of teaWhen the games were held in my town I was part of a coalition formed to oppose the negative effects that event catalyzed the displacement of the elderly and vulnerable from their homes the residential hotels that were gentrified for Olympic tourists the extravagant Olympic village the disruption of traffic and regular commerce etc Needless to say I boycotted the event So this book about jocks training for an event I disapproved of was the perfect thing to practice what I am learning about aversion and compassion Even so If the book had been poorly written I'm not sure I would have carried on But in fact the characters were actually lively than the POV that each represented the winner the loser the one who never really had much of a chance So even though the world of competitive sport is still a bit repugnant to me I feel I did gain heaps understanding of that world The issues raised here are relevant and actually pertinent in a general way the writing is skillfull A lot of attention is given the visceral and I could smell the trace of chlorine and funky towels wafting from the pages Ugh I still don't understand how anyone could bear to dedicate their life to sport and the discipline reuired is incomprehensible to me thanks to this modest book I will not need to sneer at those who have dedicated themselves to its pursuit

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Suality and euphoric highs of amateur sport and the darker cruel side of sport programs that wear athletes down and spit them out at the end of their bloom With realism and humour author Angie Abdou captures athletes on the brink of that transition the lead up to that looming redefinition of self and explores how people deal with the loss of their drea. I loved this book I read it last year and it still resonates with me particularly right now during the Olympics I love the way you smell the pool and feel the pain and sweat of the athletes during training all because Abdou writes so sensuously Pick this uick read up if you haven't already read it

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The Bone CageDigger an kilo wrestler and Sadie a year old speed swimmer stand on the verge of realizing every athlete's dream winning a gold medal at the Olympics Both athletes are nearing the end of their athletic careers and are forced to confront the uestion what happens to athletes when their bodies are too old and injured to compete The blossoming relationship. I only knew about this book through Canada Reads and this is the third one I've read with The Complete Essex County and The Best Laid Plans to go Having heard the radio debates before reading this I did keep in mind that this didn't get a very positive reception from the judges but after reading it that is a disappointment because like Georges Laraue said this is uite an accessible book And although by the end of the week that word did seem to carry a negative connotation I don't mean to say that the writing is too simple or the book is 'dumbed down' for the masses but that the story is relatable because it talks about the process of working towards a life's dream and the disappointment that is always lurking beneath it all I suppose this was always the choice to take out of the race along with the graphic novel but both deserved betterThis story centers around Digger Tom Stapleton who is a wrestler preparing himself to make the Olympic trials for the 2000 Sydney Games and Sadie a swimmer who is doing just the same Their stories do not intersect at all to start off with which is all well because the peripheral characters that make up the support system for these two are worth getting to know their coaches fellow trainees and confidants parents etc Fly Digger's friend was easily my character for the humour he brought to whatever situation he happened to be in I am about as far from an Olympian as you can be and I still enjoyed this story very much I was looking forward to Sadie's story because I do enjoy swimming albeit for leisure but Digger's training was just as gritty and real at some points it was like a chess match his mind furiously going through the moves he could use to gain points and take down his opponent The descriptions for the sports never do get tiring for me I could nearly smell the chlorine from the pool sense the constant pressure to keep shaving time off from their swims sweat dripping from the athletes as they grind through their practicesI'm not sure how long this book will stay in the public's conscience even the Vancouver Games are fading fast from our memories but it is a worthy read It's not often I care about both protagonists; all too often the prose will be wonderful to read but the fates of the characters don't seem to be foremost on my mind Not with these two I cared about Sadie and Digger's journeys and whether or not they'll finally make it to the Olympics to give it their all I'd definitely recommend this book Angie Abdou has an almost methodical prose in a complimentary sense because the pacing ticks along and there's never a boring moment The story moves Some chapters are written with a near short story flourish because she compacts everything so smartly within the boundaries but strung together it makes uite a visceral read