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FREE READ ´ All the Way Ì [BOOKS] ✪ All the Way By Andy Behrens – The light at the end of nice boy Ian s boring summer is Danielle someone he met online who might be really hot and who might have agreed to have sex with him Ian is new to this sex thing and Danielle The light at the end of nice boy Ian s boring summer is DaniThe light at the end of nice boy Ian s boring summer is Danielle someone he met online who might be really hot and who might have agreed All the PDF or to have sex with him Ian is new to this sex thing and Danielle is nine hundred miles away but Ian thinks Danielle mi. The story of seventeen year old Ian Lafferty starts out on a typical morning of a typical day It’s a uick and humorous introduction to the life of a nice guy who’d like to be something less than yet than himself He wants to kiss a girl he wants to have sex with a girl and he wants it to be before the end of the summer He’s got four days to accomplish his task and he even has the girl What he doesn’t anticipate is the company of this two best friends on a road trip that takes several wrong turnsI read this book in one sitting I could not put it down I laughed out loud and I shook my head in fond memory Though I was never a seventeen year old boy I had friends like Ian We all did What I particularly loved about this book was Ian himself His struggle to be something he thought he wanted to be while deep down he really seemed to like himself A deep sense of self assurance carries him even through the precarious moments a sense he does not lose touch with While some of their escapades bordered on the almost unbelievable the author carries it off with enough humour and wit to keep the story rolling It’s funny even when it shouldn’t be The writing isn’t literary but it doesn’t have to be It clearly conveys the story and doesn’t get in the way of the telling Ian’s thoughts and author’s use of exposition as well as dialogue give a clear picture of the young man’s character He’s utterly engagingI’d hesitate to recommend this book to its intended audience teens because of the mature themes but that’s the mother in me talking Realistically I think it perfectly captures what is going through the mind of most seventeen year olds and ultimately it delivers a message worth reading

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Ghtbe the right girl and if he can get himself and his two best friends Lance and Felicia into his aged Oldsmobile and en route to Danielle in their last weekend before senior year starts he just mightbe about to have sex The road trip then becomes The Sex Drive where. All The Way is a decent summer classic by Andy Behrens At first it starts out as an averageboring kind of summer when Ian is stuck at home with a summer job while his two friend Felicia and Lance were out of town Normally with the last week of summer they decide to take a trip to Chicago for a festival named Lanceapalooza which is creatively named after Lalapalooza But it all gets set back when Ian meets a girl online named Daniella Daniella who lives in South Carolina is expecting to meet up soon and wants it to be the last week of summer Which is a big pickle for Ian but in the end decides to choose Daniella over his two friends He tries to get out of going to Lanceapalooza by telling his friends that his grandmother is sick in the hospital and that he needs to drive up to visit her They don't believe a word he says and they follow him to a walgreens where he is stocking up for his trip When Ian sees them he uickly rushes to his car to explain what was really happening and Lance and Felicia were up for going with it The story then takes a few twists and turns which would be a huge spoiler for all people interested in reading it But what I will say is this book is a good book to read for entertainment as it is very funny I gave this book a 2 out of 5 stars because it was entertaining but did lag at times with repetitive content that wasn't needed I would recommend this to people that love humor and also for people that aren't heavy readers but like to read every once in a while for entertainment


All the WayIn Ian might motor his way to love if he can figure out how nice boys finish firstAuthor Biography Andy Behrens is a freelance writer living in Chicago He has written for the Chicago Reader Flak Magazine and ESPNcom as well as other publicationsThis is his first novel. Hoping to have sex for the first time with a girl he has met in on line chat room seventeen year old Ian drives with his two best friends from Illinois to South Carolina