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Asura Author Anand NeelakantMe a moment and hear my story for I am Bhadra the Asura and my life is the tale of the loser” The ancient Asura empire lay shattered into many warring petty kingdoms reeling under the heel of the Devas In desperation the Asuras look up to a young saviour – Ravana Believing that a better world awaits them under Ravana common men like Bhadra decide to follow the young leader With a will of iron and a fiery ambition to succeed Ravana leads his people from victory to victory and carves out a vast empire from the Devas But even when Ravana succeeds spectacularly the poor Asuras find that nothing much has changed from them It is then that Ravana by one action changes the history of the world The book didn't seem as author s debut Truly astounding flow with powerful languageAuthor seems to be a very capable writerBut it was very disappointing to see such a capable person twisting the original Ramayana and have compromised too much on the facts This may be about Ravana's perspective but it doesn't demand the twisting of Ramayana facts For instance Rama's life as per Ramayana is 11000 years But the author has portrayed the incidents sprawling across a period of 70 yearsNow if the uestion is around if human life can be that long then research should be done on what evolution could have done rather than changing the timeline to some believable number the author pleases The war scene is highly compromised to put Rama in bad light and Ravana in goodMany other facts are comfortably ignored to put Ravana in good lightThis reaches a wider audience than the original Valmiki's scripture There is a good chance of people believing the author's pure imagination as fact just because it is believable than the original scripture or this is reachable than the original scriptureMany myths can be twisted as we likebut Ramayana is not a myth It is a scripted epic which has too many myths surrounding Even considering the epic to be just a fiction and not a real happening still we don't have the right to twist the tale as we pleaseIf the author had a fair eye to understand the script of Valmiki as it is and then made the story with Ravana's perspective it would have been the truly Asura storyWith that kind of expectation I picked the book but was disappointedI don't think talking from Ravana's perspective is wrong but twisting the facts as we would like to hear so there are some anti brahmin anti ramayana arguments is not acceptableSuch a capable author could have moral responsibility of researching before taking his story to the worldBut this inspires me to understand 24000 slokas of Ramayana in detail before judging about the bookNevertheless the language and story telling is truly enjoyable

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Book Ô Asura Author Anand Neelakantan 504 pages ¶ Anand neelakantan ¶ [Read] ➵ Asura By Anand Neelakantan – The epic tale of victory and defeat The story of the Ramayana had been told innumerable times The enthralling story of Rama the incarnation of God who slew Ravana The epic tale of victory and defeat The story of the Ramayana had been told innumerable times The enthralling story of Rama the incarnation of God who slew Ravana the evil demon of darkness is known to every Indian And in the pages of history as always it is the version told by the victors that lives on The voice of the vanuished remains lost in silence But what if Ravana and his people had a different story to tell? The story of the Ravanayana has never been told Asura is the epic tale of the vanuished Asura people a story that has been cherished by the oppressed castes of India for 3000 years Until now no Asura has dared to tell the tale But perhaps the time has come for the dead and the I call such authors cowards who hide behind the glimmer of fiction and don't have the courage to own their text Anand Neelakantan otherwise might have been a wonderful author who could have impressed me with his vision and work However with this novel Asura Tale of the Vanuished the author has lost his fictional reputation for me I am being highly subjective here I will call out some flaws in the text and you can decide for yourself 1 The book is a work of fiction but it contains many subjective opinions that you will find highly offensive ridiculous and absurd So why don't the author have the courage to admit that he is trying an alternative version of Ramayan? Why he disowns his own thoughts with a disclaimer but propagate everywhere else that it is a work inspired by or based on Ramayan? Hypocrite of the first rank 2 The book has many illogical analogies euivalence and also many ambiguities because of the selective collection of facts by the author For example at once place the author criticises Devtas and especially Vishnu's Vamana Avtara for 'acting like missionaries and propagating his religion' but he hails Ravan as a hero for doing the same thing getting his guys together and attacking people for nothing So what's right for you will be wrong if I do so what a vision 3 The book is an outright slur on Brahmins Hindus and all the devotees of Lord Ram Had it been a work of pure fiction the author might not have brought such cowardice accusations that he has included in the storyline Why this veil Anand? You can read a detailed review that has been published on Indian Book Critics to know Asura Tale of the Vanuished

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Defeated to speak “For thousands of years I have been vilified and my death is celebrated year after year in every corner of India Why? Was it because I challenged the Gods for the sake of my daughter? Was it because I freed a race from the yoke of caste based Deva rule? You have heard the victor’s tale the Ramayana Now hear the Ravanayana for I am Ravana the Asura and my story is the tale of the vanuished” “I am a non entity – invisible powerless and negligible No epics will ever be written about me I have suffered both Ravana and Rama – the hero and the villain or the villain and the hero When the stories of great men are told my voice maybe too feeble to be heard Yet spare Half way through the book seems like a scientific explanation of a myth with a strong anti North and anti Brahmin slant But that maybe because I am reading the unmodified raw version that is too hard hitting to be printed because it could get banned or at least get shouted at By the end of the book however two things become clear One that all myths are machinations of ancient politicians and people came to believe what they found convenient Two that while there is no concept of a codified list of sins in Hinduism almost anything that seems like a deviation from the norm can be construed as evil in our land The author does a good job at presenting the grey areas in our belief systems which are largely shaped by what we believe were black and white since time immemorial While criticisms of Maryada Purshottam Rama have been around since the Valmiki Ramayan this one is different because it combines class struggle from Bhadra's perspective with the story of a war supposedly fought for righteousness The power of the first person narrative works wonders for the book as both Ravana and Bhadra speak from their hearts On the flip side of the coin there is no character with any human kindness or any positive virtues in the book This makes for a very pessimistic outlook of humankind and Hindu religious texts For all the anarchistic suggestions in the book none of the characters seem to be likeable or inspiring or funny The sarcasm is caustic and it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth I found myself speed reading and wanting to forget what I had read