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Elder Thaddeus ти мисли Kindle #210 of Vitovnica was one of the most renowned spiritual guides of Serbia in the twentieth century As a novice he lived in obedience to Elder Ambrose of Miljkovo Monastery a disciple of the Optina Elders From him Fr Thaddeus learned the Prayer of the Heart and the selfless love that came to characterize his whole ministry to th. This book is worth reading for the short biography alone Elder Thaddeus is the portrait of the Christian life He suffered his entire life but always turned to Christ As a boy in Serbia he was cast out by his family as a monk he often failed due to his poor health to perform his job to specifications around the monastery and during World War 2 he suffered imprisonment and beatings at the hands of the Nazis After the war he made relatively selfish mistakes that brought him even further into humilityReading this collection of his teachings with that back story in mind you see the heart of a man that was nothing but love and humility There were points at which his story brought me to tearsI don't care what Christian tradition you're a part of or any other religion reading his words places the world into a perspective we could all benefit to gain It also shows a glimpse of the suffering experienced by Orthodox Christians throughout the 20th century at the hands of fascism and communism a history every American needs to hear

FREE READ Какве су ти мисли такав ти је живот

Какве су ти мисли такав ти је животE to him in pain and sorrow His words of love and hope provided spiritual balm for people from all classes of society In Elder Thaddeus reposed leaving behind a large collection of his teachings preserved by his faithful spiritual children His life teachings and spiritual conversations are here presented су ти мисли ePUB #8608 for the first time in English. Even if one has read the book one can't be done It's one to pick up and ponder over and over again

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READ ↠ Какве су ти мисли такав ти је живот ç [PDF / Epub] ✅ Какве су ти мисли такав ти је живот Author Ana Smiljanic – Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica was one of the most renowned spiritual guides of Serbia in the twentieth cenE suffering Serbian people Born in Elder Thaddeus су ти мисли такав ти eBook #201 lived through all the suffering endured by Serbia in the twentieth century Over Какве су PDF the course of two World Wars during the Communist takeover and through the nato bombings of he co suffered with his people He taught counseled and prayed for all who cam. This book is a composite collection of writings by a Serbian monk; Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica Our thoughts create either harmony or disharmony in the world In our mind we conceive everything we do say and plan If our thoughts are peaceful calm meek and kind than that is what our life is like When we humble ourselves confess and pray the Lord makes his abode in our hearts With God's energy and life in us our soul is at peace and our thoughts are rested We must be meek and forgive every offense We must posses the Lord's ualities of; love peace and kindness towards all mankind We must continually guard our minds and thoughts We must remain joyful This book is not profound with new spiritual insight but it does contain page after page of insightful dialog for clearing and cleansing the mind and trying to live a purposeful life