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Download eBook ↠ Reckless 371 pages ✓ helpyouantib Å ➧ [Ebook] ➢ Reckless By Amanda Quick ➲ – From a crumbling fairy tale castle on the stormy Sussex coast to a dazzling dizzying masuerade ball comes an enchanting tale of a tarnished knight a daring maiden and a sweetA lonely midnight rendezvous Phoebe finds herself sparring with a dangerously desirable man who is nothing like the hero of her dreams And when he sweeps her into a torrid and blatantly unchivalrous embrace she can't help but fear that she's made a dreadful mista I read this one many years ago and found it on sale recently I love Amanda uick aka Jayne Ann Krentz I've read most of her books This was an enjoyable trip down memory lane but not my favorite It was a little too formulaic in character to receive higher than 3 stars

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From a crumbling fairy tale castle on the stormy Sussex coast to a dazzling dizzying masuerade ball comes an enchanting tale of a tarnished knight a daring maiden and a sweet searing storybook loveAt sixteen Phoebe Layton had imagined that Gabriel Banner was a bra Yes I am finally done with my reads of some of Amanda uick's earlier works from the 90s I think I hit peak over this two days ago though I can't wait to move onto some other authors This is the same set up of most of uick's earlier books uirky Original in her mid 20s who is in danger of staying on the shelf and an older male who knows he should not be attracted to said female but is and then denies he is falling in love with her for most of the bookThe heroine for this book is Phoebe Layton The hero Gabriel Banner the new Earl of Wylde Random comment how come none of these dudes are ever a dukePhoebe and Gabriel have a weird history Phoebe found herself at 16 falling in love with Gabriel and seeing the guy as some modern version of a knight yeah this is a regency romance book so for Phoebe this was the modern era and actually encouraged her older sister to run off with him to escape marrying someone she didn't know much about Of course running off with a woman to Greta Green is not the thing to do Gabriel and Phoebe's sister were caught and then Gabriel ended up having his life ruined by Phoebe's father and brother They think the guy was a fortune hunter out to snare a wealthy heiress and Gabriel is forced to go off in the East yeah that word again to make his fortune Cue almost a decade later and we have Phoebe and Gabriel coming face to face again due to Phoebe seeking out Gabriel for stupid reasonsSeriously sometimes the heroines in uick's novels are painfully aggravating and Phoebe was definitely one of them for me while reading this one of the many reasons why I just gave this 2 stars she is still determined to have Gabriel be her knight for no reason that I can tell I think maybe having a prologue showing Phoebe and Gabriel younger and showing maybe why Gabriel was someone that Phoebe was in love with would have made things better But no we get a painfully naive Phoebe throughout this entire bookGabriel runs around for most of the book thinking about getting revenge against the Layton family because he can't see why they would be upset about him running off with their daughter I don't even get why the guy doesn't understand why they went out of their way to ruin him for what he tried to no matter his justifications Though Phoebe's sister Meredith is not totally blameless in the whole thing and I wish she had acknowledged she was wrong to run off with him even though Phoebe encouraged her to Wow I just realized that I don't like most of the people in this story besides Phoebe's parents and her brother And there is a side plot about a past love from Phoebe that may be dangerous than he appears which of course has Gabriel all riled up because he actually encountered the guy while out gaining his fortune There really is not much to this novel Honestly most of this book really is people telling Phoebe things that she doesn't want to hear that are true and her saying she doesn't know who to believe For example a man that Phoebe thought was in love with her that she called her Lancelot is now back though Gabriel knows of him and has given her information about what the guy was really up to when Phoebe thought he was off somewhere else By the way it's not just Gabriel that tells her about this guy it's her father her mother her brother and her sister I wanted to shake her after a bit The writing was not uick's best work There are a lot of asides about Arthur Guinevere and Lancelot and how Phoebe is much smarter than Guinevere I maybe laughed a bit about that line because I never uibbled about Guinevere not being smart it was the whole faithless thing that was the main issue Can I say thought that I am heartily sick of hearing about Camelot right now after reading the Mary Stewart books The flow was up and down I think because uick realized she had to add some intrigue in this one and she tried to but it doesn't really work While Phoebe is whisked off to Gabriel's home of course it's a freaking castle attempts on her life are being done and this leads to Gabriel trying to keep her confined to their home so he can keep her safe Though Phoebe doesn't like it since this proves Gabriel doesn't trust her or something I don't know It made no sense to me And I realize that in a lot of uick novels the heroine is sometimes confined to the home in order to keep her safe and said heroine is always irked about it Yes let's get irked about your husband trying to keep you from being murdered Ugh This book Things get tied up in the end but it doesn't make much sense to me The villain of the peace was readily apparent and based on what we know about the guy I still don't understand why Gabriel didn't have him locked up but will just wave my hands at the book and say plot reasons I read this for Romance Bingo 2017 and this book fits my free space suare

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RecklessVe and valiant knight a noble hearted hero born to rescue ladies in distress Which is why eight years later when she desperately needed help to carry out a vital uest she could think of no one suited to the job than Gabriel But when she lures her shining knight to Reckless4 StarsThe revenge secrets tropes have the potential of going seriously wrong Thankfully uick does an admirable job of keeping the angst to a minimum by writing two of the most straightforward characters in Romanclandia Phoebe is a delightful heroine who is incapable of keeping her opinions to herself for even one second and Gabriel's armor might be tarnished but he is a knight nevertheless The first half of the storyline revolving around Gabriel's history with Phoebe and her family is wonderful and the chemistry between the leads is tangible The plot does begin to lag during the second half with Phoebe and Gabriel's reactions to the unsurprising appearance of the villain It is at this point that Phoebe's intelligence and Gabriel's charm vanish for a few chaptersThankfully everything is ultimately sorted out but this is an Amanda uick novel after all so no big surprise there either Looking forward to continuing with my read through of uick's backlist