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Read Surrender doc Þ Mass Market Paperback Ø Amanda Quick ✓ ➹ [Read] ➵ Surrender By Amanda Quick ➼ – From the dazzling ballrooms of glittering London society to magnificent cursed estate in the distant wilds of Yorkshire comes the deliciously wicked story of a thorEbrook the darkly disturbing new Earl of Stonevale Amidst the brightly plumed birds of the town Lucas was a hawk And when he held out the lure of moonlit rides and wild reckless midnight escapades Victoria found herself powerless to resist But becoming Stonevale's companion in adventure was far dangerous undertaking than Victoria could ever imagine For the attractive Earl would use her every weak SighI really like Amanda uick's writing Really It is always as if she was telling me the story right in front of me I would follow her to the end of the world in her story I have read almost every one of her so called one word books and I remember ALL of them in great details I think that says something about a writer's storytelling ability But then her heroines always destroy it for me When I read Surrender as a young woman I thought Victoria rather smart I liked all her spunk her independence her zest for life and her belief in doing the right things NowI find her slightly offensive Victoria another uick heroine smart and independent slightly on the shelf curious about life and has a secret uite honestly she isn't bad But I wanted to throttle her when she made Lucas accompany her on those stupid nightly outings seeing a hell visiting a brothel etc She seemed like a bored woman who had nothing else to occupy her lonely nights I know she was running from her secret and the nights were challenging But I was disappointed in her She put herself and Lucas in danger because she needed to distract herself And she made it that much worse by always putting her nose where it did not belong and pushed Lucas to do the right things because she believed that was what he should do I think it is dumb of Victoria to come up with these activities to keep herself separated from her nightmares I understand why and sympathize with her but I think it showed a rather unattractive side of her character that is of course my opinion I also think it is obnoxious for Victoria to make Lucas do things that she believed were the right things to do For example save a friend from losing his shirt at a gambling hell and save a girl from prostitution I imagine uick put those plots in to show what a compassionate woman Victoria was But I got really annoyed with her self righteousness You want to save these poor souls you do it yourself If you can't find a way to do it yourself Victoria asked Lucas to step in in her stead Poor Lucas who was at that point ruled by his penis always agreed to do what Victoria asked him to do I also believe that it was supposed to build up Lucas's character as a man who would eventually do the right thing despite his allegedly cold heart Victoria is a woman that pushed all my buttons A know it all willful woman who thought her ideas were better and would not back down until something terrible happened I would call her a uiet shrew there are shrew heroines who throw hissy fits when things don't go their ways and there are shrewish heroines who are basically shrew heroines minus the hissy fits I admire strength and I admire gentle strength even While I do respect Victoria's tenacity I do not like her I would prefer someone who does what she does with kindness Not oh but Lucas of course you must save himherLady there is no must at least not from you People must do what they do of their own accord You could believe in whatever you want and use whatever means you believe necessary to achieve your goal But telling others that they must do something because it is your beliefwell lady muzzle it already Victoria in the first half was a bored heiress who was running from her secret She risked her reputation her aunt's reputation her life and Lucas' life for that A woman who seriously needed a firm hand to take her in She was bored alright and had way too much money for her own good She could have devoted herself to doing some good She didn't She took risks enjoyed life wanted excitement in her boring rich life She met Lucas and Lucas gave her exactly that because Lucas needed an heiress Victoria felt ill used while I understand the sentiment I couldn't help but feel that she got what she deserved She was not exactly making it difficult for Lucas She slept with him willingly or rather enthusiastically and found herself in a compromised position It was not great but honey what did you think was going to happen Victoria in the second half was a mature married woman with wounded pride who was trying to make the best out of her misery She was angry that Lucas picked her for her money She was in reality a star eyed woman whose pride had been wounded because it turned out the man she loved married her for her money Lucas and Victoria made their reconciliation in the second half while saving Lucas poverty stricken tenants Victoria then became the capable managing woman Honestly I think she should be grateful that Lucas gave her a purpose in life There were other heiresses who would gladly marry Lucas and Lucas would have had a ok marriage as well But Victoria would have been a rich spinster who numbed herself with parties and were constantly on the hunt for new excitements in life because she had no real purpose in life If there was any woman who needed to be taken in by a firm male hand I would nominate Victoria She needed Lucas not the other way around It should be evident that I am not a fan of Victoria Everything about her screamed a spoiled bored willful woman who secretly just wanted to a man to love her Any less determined man than Lucas would have been completely unmanned by her I am glad that she was paired with Lucas who certainly did rein her in as much as she would like to deny it She was lucky that Lucas was willing to put up with her shxt I would have run to the next heiress who wasn't so full of herself

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Ness to woo her to win her and ultimately to wed her And soon the amber eyed lady would find herself ensconced in a crumbling mansion deep in the English countryside where the real reason for her hasty marriage becomes all too apparent and where the ghosts of her dark stained past are waiting to rise up in a terrifying plot that will threaten her life her honor and the only man she could ever lov A uick and enjoyable read; a sort of book to shove in the middle of classics The plot is simple but still I liked uick's easy writing style This is my first read of hers and would like to try on few

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SurrenderFrom the dazzling ballrooms of glittering London society to magnificent cursed estate in the distant wilds of Yorkshire comes the deliciously wicked story of a thoroughly unconventional courtship and a thrilling midnight rendezvous that could only lead to love At four and twenty Victoria Huntington thought herself uite adept at fending off fortune hunters until she came under siege from Lucas Col Surrender is the story of Victoria and LucasOur heroine is Victoria Huntington the orphaned spinster by choice heiress Desperate to ward off suitors who want her for her money her life changes when the biggest fortune hunter of them all Lucas Colebrook the darkly disturbing new Earl of Stonevale decides to set his eyes on her Soon he becomes her confidante and companion for nightly adventures but when a passionate night leads to open compromise the pair are forced to wed And as Victoria realizes his real intentions to marry her and decides to keep him at bay will Lucas give in to these ridiculous demands or will he weasel his way into her bedHonestly this was an averagely good read Really stubborn heroine who was OBSESSED with her funds and control over them due to her past and a destitute yet obstinate hero who desperately tries to woo his way into her heart Both had moments where I wanted to shake them but I do like that the revelations happen midway through the book not at the end so we actually see the couple working hard to solve their problems Their passion was sizzling and the drama was averageSafe35