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kindle Î Seduction Ò ✓ amanda quick ✓ [KINDLE] ❤ Seduction ➜ Amanda Quick – Townsfolk called him Devil For dark and enigmatic Julian Earl of Ravenwood was a man with a legendary temper and a first wife whose mysterious death would not be forgotten Some said the beautiful Lady TowTo a marriage of convenience One was vengeance and in its pursuit she would entangle Julian in a blackmail plot a duel at dawn and a dangerous masuerade The other reason was dearer to her heart but just as wild a uest Sophy Dorring intended to teach the devil to love agai Seduction would have been a solid 5 star read if Julian hadn't started out as a selfish manipulative bastard who used Sophy's affections for his own purposes Granted that was for her safety but manipulation for whatever ends does not sit well with me I also didn't appreciate the fact that he all but demanded Sophy to continue loving him without offering his love in return Ugh the injustice of it allBut meh I have to admit that the ending did pacify whatever hatred I had for him In my opinion he wasn't able to fully redeem himself but in retrospect he did manage to understand where he went wrong and I believe he did try his best to make amends The writing was better than most of the writer's work and Sophy was incredible I just wished Julian wasn't such an ass in the beginning

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D Others whispered of foul play and the devil’s wrathNow country bred Sophy Dorring is about to become Ravenwood’s new bride Drawn to his masculine strength and the glitter of desire that burned in his emerald eyes the tawny haired lass had her own reasons for agreeing I was so angry with this book On one hand it had some truly great scenes and plot elements for a Regency romance the heroine duels a courtesan at one point How awesome is that The answer is very awesomeOn the other hand I have rarely encountered a character in a romance book or otherwise that I loathed than the hero of this novel There's your stereotypical alpha male hero of the Romance genre and then there's this Typical Romance alphole I can stand just fine This this filled me with rage and inspired pure unadulterated hate This particularly distressed me considering how right Amanda uick can get it with books like Ravished

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SeductionTownsfolk called him Devil For dark and enigmatic Julian Earl of Ravenwood was a man with a legendary temper and a first wife whose mysterious death would not be forgotten Some said the beautiful Lady Ravenwood had drowned herself in the black murky waters of Ravenwood Pon The hero in this one was an overbearing ass for almost the entire book and there were a few too many casual references to wife beating that drove me nuts And yet Why the 5 star rating Because uick’s writing is so darn charming It’s frothy and fun and I absolutely adore the world she creates There were fun secondary characters a lot of interesting mysteries and plot threads hilarious banter and some excellent logic that Sophy uses to her advantage to fight for the fair marriage she wants I loved Sophy She was uirky constantly lost things and looked for honor in all people She was refreshingly different without being unbelievable or too headstrong She was simply lovely Julian I didn’t care for as much His arrogance and constant hateful thoughts of his first wife were tiresome However I kept at it because I always loved to see what Sophy would do next She chipped away at the high handedness and I loved seeing how little by little she makes him reconsider his thinking until he started to recognize how Sophy had changed his life for the better That’s not to say she changed him Rather she helped open up his worldview and accept Sophy as she was I loved this Too many books have this weird obsession with changing people to be the perfect partner I liked how the characters were the same but they came to understand and respect each other in order to build their marriage It kept me reading and reading uicklyThis was an oldie but a a goodie as long as the hero’s attitude doesn’t entirely turn you off in the first 30% I stayed in it and ended up loving the ride