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Made to be His The Archer Family #1Andy Archer has never prided herself on be His Kindle #213 her beauty but when her older brother’s best friend and long time crush offers her a the chance at making over herself and her career she can’t bring herself to refuse Even if it means breaking down all the carefully. Okay butThis was an okay story the first I've read by this author There were a couple of things that bothered me about it first and foremost being that the hero is basically a jerk In the opening scene he insults the heroine in several ways He implies that she has no business being at such a prestigious invitation only event and then says that he's never heard of her new company but admits in his thoughts that he'd pulled strings to get her brother to get her an invitation all apparently because he overheard two players make remarks about her and her attractive partner He insults her business acumen and her looks then makes a deal that he'll give her a makeover in return for a photo shoot I don't buy that she would turn herself over to a baseball player for a makeover Then at the makeover he realizes she's a knock out and suddenly begins to pursue her There were also some continuity issues with how much or how little her agency was doing for him on the one hand it mentioned her setting him up for multiple interviews and that he was a natural and didn't need coaching but then it seems as though all she arranged was the photo shoot where she was again made to seem less than business like when the photographer changes things up without her knowledge or approval I also don't buy that they could sneak into a major league ballpark turning on stadium lights and having sex on the pitcher's mound without a security guard or anyone being the wiser

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Made to be His The Archer Family #1 Download ¸ 6 à [PDF] ✎ Made to be His The Archer Family #1 By Allison Gatta – Andy Archer has never prided herself on her beauty but when her older brother’s best friend and long time crush offers her a the chance at making over herself—and her career—she canPlaced defenses she’s built around her heartLogan Grant needs to make good After accidentally ruining Made to MOBI #207 his best friend’s career he tries to make up for what he’s done in the only way this prideful family will accept The to be His The Archer Epubonly troub. Not bad not greatThe heroine was a little too easily pushed around to believably be a sports agent If she had the connections to set up photo shoots and interviews that were so positive for Logan why was she so star struck by the first celeb sports start she came in contact with at the first party Also if Shay was her business partner even if the heroine I can't even remember her name was the business end Shay's sense of style would haveshould have made h professionally presentableSo while the longing for best friend is a plot device I love the heroine just wasn't a character I felt like I could believe was real or even someone to root for And by the way Logan was an idiot for only wanting her after he changed her wardrobe and made her all beautiful and womanly I'm all for the fun 'here let's do the hair and dress thing' but for a single event not a lifestyle Not unless the girl asks specifically for that kind of thing But that's me I may have craptastic self esteem at points but the way this was approached bothered me Anyway 3 stars because I was intrigued enough to finish the book I probably won't read anything else by this author though

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Le He never accounted for how he’d be affected by his best friend’s suddenly sexy sisterSearch Terms different worlds deal bargain baseball sports romance sexy romantic comedy best friend's sister older brother's best friend unreuited love reunited to be His Epub #221 lovers. She should have knocked him on his assI loath the hero magically seeing the girl as a beautiful woman after her makeover As if a little makeup and wardrobe change can transform a self conscious disaster into a poised princess The physical isn't important a woman can be sexy and confident at any age or weight It is a belief in one's own appeal that can't be purchased or manipulated