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review An Unexpected Gentleman 103 æ [Reading] ➿ An Unexpected Gentleman Author Alissa Johnson – Adelaide Ward has but one goal to obtain an offer of marriage from the respectable if less than appealing baron Sir Robert Maxwell before her family is ruined But it's the devilishly handsome Connor B Adelaide Ward has but one gEal the lovely Miss Ward for his own A uick compromising and an even uicker wedding ought to do But if Connor wants to establish any sort of domestic tranuility he'll have to regain Adelaide's trust and choose what means to him his thirst for vengeance or his need for Adelaide. Alissa Johnson is one of my favorite historical romance writers and did not disappoint me with this treat I found it to be an enchanting tale with lots of witty banter throughout Not a lot of action but this is a romance and not a suspensethrilleractionadventure novel so Anyway light and fun and entertaining in my most humble opinion

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Dozen members of the ton Now Adelaide must decide if the charming scoundrel who stole away her reputation might still be trusted with An Unexpected ePUB #10003 her heartConnor Brice seeks a long overdue revenge on the baron And what better way to launch his campaign than to st. 45 starsYay My first Alissa Johnson and I loved it very cute happy read just what I needed Sometimes I want a real meaty story; other times something light and fluffy with humor and love which is exactly what An Unexpected Gentleman delivered The hero was to die for Connor Brice and the heroine Adelaide Ward was also good She was somewhat older than the usual maybe 26 or 27 and the oldest in her family Her brother Wolfgang wound up in prison for his debts and now she must marry well in order to save her family which also consists of her sister Isobel and her nephew George who is adorable and I love babieschildren in my stories She is intending to marry a man who she doesn't love Sir Robert and who she really does not know She unexpectedly meets and becomes attracted to Connor while at a party in the garden Turns out Connor has been watching her and has fallen for her and decides she's the one for him But Sir Robert is also his half brother and there is a huge rift between them which also makes up the revenge part of the story it's not overdone and didn't get on my nerves like some revenge themes do Basically the focus was Adelaide and Connor growing to love and trust each other and make their relationship work out IMO this is the best kind of romance because we readsee how their attractionlove blossoms and how they work out difficulties that arise while always together I just hate those long separationsmisunderstandings On the steam level this one is pretty low mostly kisses it's sweet romantic and fits perfectly with how the book is written so if you wantneed lots of hot sex this is not the book for you But I would not characterize it as clean as Heyer Maybe PG I really enjoyed this book I only wish I read the one before it first featuring Freddie and Lord Gideon I will def look out for books by this author and recommend it to all who like Regency romances sweet funny low angst awesome hero and a good storyline

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An Unexpected GentlemanAdelaide Ward has but one goal to obtain an offer of marriage from the respectable if less than appealing baron Sir Robert Maxwell before her family is ruined But it's the devilishly handsome Connor Brice who captures her imagination and a kiss in broad daylight in front of a. 45 stars but because we can't give half stars 5 stars for purposes of my Goodreads ratingA delight What can I say I just think of things in this story and I think delightful Really really enjoyed this one REEEEEEEEEEEEALLY enjoyed this one Outside of some cosmetic flaws detailed a bit first to get them out of the way the storytelling pace characters and development were pretty much spot onCosmetic FlawsSome things irked me right off the bat Shouldn't Sir Robert be a baronet not a baron Maybe I'm wrong in my peerage here or maybe they do things differently in Scotland but I thought barons were Lords and not Sirs Also there were some typos that were distracting eg around the weeks when they meant to say around the weeds or eg using the same word twice such as at that that same time that same moment Those sorts of things just made an otherwise very proper and detailed book seem a bit sloppyEdit Also note that the cover dude is dark haired while Connor is a blond green eyed giantMOVING ONStoryVery generally the H Connor Brice seeks a highly justified and well deserved revenge on Sir Robert the suitor of the h Adelaide Ward whose impoverished family circumstances have left her in dire straits Part of Connor's revenge involves compromising Miss Ward and ultimately convincing her that she should choose him over Sir Robert A brief but insightful and sweet courtship follows concluding in their marriage about halfway through the book The remainder of the book explores their married life as they navigate their feelings for each other and as Connor and Adelaide work to resolve their differences over the all consuming need for revenge that still burns within Connor I'm not a huge fan of the revenge plot as a trope but it worked in this one because I thought the romance was so strong that the revenge didn't overpower it or anything The revenge was in fact part of the romance development and Connor's big gesture in the end really had me choked upCharactersDelightful Connor Brice a bastard but well loved and acknowledged son of a nobleman he was forcibly press ganged at 15 and since escaping has lived in America for years building his fortune He is a hard man bent on revenge To gain his revenge he's not above a little manipulation creative half truth telling or maneuvering as his deliberate compromising of Adelaide so readily shows us His hardness makes it all the melt worthy when he does unexpectedly romantic and heartfelt things for Adelaide whom we learn he has had an interest in from afar for uite some time This unreuited hrmmmpining shall I say is what made the deliberate compromising palatable to me He doesn't do it solely for revenge He does it because he wants Adelaide for himself He also gives her the opportunity to discover each of Sir Robert's and his natures before she has to make a decisionConnor is a sweetheart when nobody is looking He takes note of Adelaide's hobbies and her dreams and rather than pay them lip service he makes them happen He's a man of action and in this case actions speak for him since he isn't used to expressing himself with words He reveals his softer side in surprising ways from his attention to his conversations with Adelaide to his patient and somewhat bewildered interactions with Adelaide's two year old nephewAdelaide also brings a lot to this story She's been in charge of her family ever since her wastrel brother landed in debtor's prison leaving 27 year old Adelaide to fend for herself her brother's son and their 18 year old sister With this history she could easily have sunk into deep levels of annoying stoic doormat ish going to the stake martyrdom but she doesn't for which I am eternally grateful She learns of Sir Robert's true nature and isn't afraid to toss him over She stands up for herself both with Sir Robert and later with Connor when his revenge stands in the way of their marriage Seriously just when I was about to fuss over Connor's secrets and how hell bent he was on revenge Adelaide made her own fuss and I couldn't have applauded the timing any I liked her a lot and she bears up well against unfortunate circumstances that are not of her own makingMost of the secondary characters were well done as well Connor's men who took him in years ago a little while after Sir Robert's betrayal left Connor in America without means money or a home are delightfully um sorry can't help using that word again curmudgeonly unpolished and a bit crass Adelaide's family are well drawn with the precocious sister the sweets addicted nephew and the selfish wastrel of a brother I actually thought the brother was a fleshed out villain than Sir Robert the real villain of the piece The only character that I didn't think was very developed was Sir Robert He was only sketched out for us in rather cartoon y evil villain terms but I suppose that may have been necessary to justify Connor's maintaining his need for revenge for the last 15 yearsRomanceLoved the banter Loved their interactions LOVED THEIR WITTY DIALOGUE Loved it I kept thinking oh I should add that as a status update but then I got buried back into the book Jill's review convinced me to try this book out based solely on the ten times a day conversation and I was not disappointedA teaser from their wedding night I was jesting about the ten timesOh Well that wasn't too terrible She didn't care for having been the victim of his jest but it was a relief to know she'd not be expected to It's not like pulling out a thorn Connor explainedRelief vanished She knew it was too much to hope that he meant it wouldn't hurt It's not done uickly is itHis mouth curved Not when it's done wellSUEEEEEEEEEE insert winky face nudge nudgeNote re Steam FactorI should note that with regards to the sexytimes this book was less steamy and erotic than the historicals that I've been reading lately eg Elizabeth Hoyt or Lisa Kleypas I'd say the steam level is on a steamier Mary Balogh or less steamy Julia uinn level There are some heated kisses and then of course the wedding night which was uite passionate and lovely Following the wedding night there are a couple of alluded or glossed over scenes during their marriage as well Personally it worked very well for me because it seemed in keeping with the tone of the romance and writing but I just wanted to give people a heads up in terms of expectationsOverallThe book was really well done I honestly don't have any uibbles with pretty much any aspects of the book Aside from the cosmetic things mentioned earlier there may be a few minor things plot wise that I might fuss over view spoilerlike how Connor doesn't say the L word until the end of the book but that's in keeping with his character I feel and his actions than led up to that point without his needing to say them hide spoiler