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Er areas of society and culture they point out numerous examples of the Fibonacci seuence as well as its derivative the golden ratio And of course in mathematics as the authors amply demonstrate there are almost boundless applications in probability number theory geometry algebra and Pascal's triangle to name a fewAccessible and appealing to even the most math phobic individual this fun and enlightening book allows the reader to appreciate the elegance of mathematics and its amazing applications in both natural and cultural settings   The fascinating Fibonacci series

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The Fabulous Fibonacci NumbersThe most ubiuitous and perhaps the most intriguing number pattern in mathematics is the Fibonacci seuence In this simple pattern beginning with two ones each succeeding number is the sum of the two numbers immediately preceding it ad The Fabulous ePUB #10003 infinitum Far from being just a curiosity this seuence recurs in structures found throughout nature from the arrangement of whorls on a pinecone to the branches of certain plant stems All of which is astounding evidence for the deep mathematical basis of the natural world With admir This turned out to be a difficult read when it was expected to be a fun romp through one very important branch of mathematics Based on the write ups I had expected to be able to follow along with the theory of Fibonacci numbers and then dive into the joy of its application across the spectrum Instead I kept getting bogged down with proofs and explanations which is ironic since the author freuently states that the proofs are in Appendices Even the applications were heaped with mathematical theory and proofsI am not math dumb in fact made a career in financial structuring which reuired a fairly high level of math Yet I was many times while reading this book left mired in proofs which started to get annoying

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Download Book  The Fabulous Fibonacci Numbers Í 364 pages ☆ Alfred s. posamentier ✓ ❁ [EPUB] ✹ The Fabulous Fibonacci Numbers By Alfred S. Posamentier ➚ – The most ubiuitous and perhaps the most intriguing number pattern in matAble clarity two veteran math educators take us on a fascinating tour of the many ramifications of the Fibonacci numbers They begin with a brief history of a distinguished Italian discoverer who among other accomplishments was responsible for popularizing the use of Arabic numerals in the West Turning to botany the authors demonstrate through illustrative diagrams the unbelievable connections between Fibonacci numbers and natural forms pineapples sunflowers and daisies are just a few examples In art architecture the stock market and oth Excellent overview for all things Fibonacci I read it during a trip to Italy and made it to his grave which was not planned but a nice coincidence In other words fairly easy readingThe first several chapters are key The rest is a bit lighter And the authors certinaly are Fibonacci cheerleaders which was a little annoying to me at times They hoped to be infectiousI still personally have problems with putting a golden rectangle over part of a painting and claiming the artist planned it that way Multiple golden rectangles over all key parts of the painting I might be convinced Don't recall seeing that But the golden rectangle is certainly pleasing to the eye So my money is with the artist stumbling across it