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During her lifetime Audre Lorde A Biography PDF #8608author of the landmark Cancer Journals created a mythic identity for herself that retains its vitality to this day Drawing from t. I found this bio well written and of a high authorial standard After reading it I wondered about this brave poet who contested the hypocrisy of her times For this she merits praise great respect and thanks Yet I wondered how many women learned harsh lessons from Ms Lorde A number of times as I read I was reminded of Ayn Rand who helped herself to a married man Nathaniel Brandon simply because she was being 'honest' She wanted him Period Never mind the deeply hurt wife who turned herself inside out to accept her loss I wonder how Lorde's partner and co mother of two children handled Lorde's sense of sexual entitlement I got the sense that just as Lorde's parents were distant that Lorde herself was distant too After all how many deep relationships can one nurture over the long haulDid Lorde's righteous anger splash a little wildly and hurtfully tooOut of Lorde's voiced anger insight and clear thinking the world improved I know we all have to bear with each other's flaws as much as possible but as I put down the book I thought that it might have been dangerous for me to have been Lorde's friendEleanor Cowan author of A History of a Pedophile's Wife Memoir of a Canadian Teacher and Writer

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Warrior Poet A Biography of Audre LordeHe private archives of the poet's estate and numerous interviews Alexis De Veaux demystifies Lorde's iconic status Warrior Poet Kindle charting her conservative childhood in Harlem. I am not sure how to articulate what was so frustrating about this biography First the good it’s clear that this was an exhaustively researched labor of love and I am very glad that this account of Lorde’s life exists There were a few soaring moments—I loved the final paragraphs of the epilogue and her gloss of “Eye to Eye” my favorite Lorde essay I also appreciated that de Veaux does not try to smooth out Lorde’s rough edges I struggled with this initially but ultimately I felt like I appreciated the clear eyed look at the parts of Lorde that were very human her capacity for selfishness jealousy rage towards her perceived enemies and that very specific brand of narcissism that all poets seem to cultivate probably out of necessity since the world does not necessarily ask for or want poetry and so you have to generate the inward sense that your work is necessary That said sometimes reading this biography felt like reading a very long dutifully written assigned paper Sometimes I really legitimately could not tell if de Veaux even liked Lorde or felt any sense of passionate connection to her work Whole chunks of the book were written in this strangely detached tone like she was working so hard to be neutral that she just presented us with a record of the facts where Lorde went what she said what she ate who she saw without interpretation or really any explanation of why this mattered in the broader arc of Lorde’s lifethought It was even weirder to me because I think of Lorde as someone whose work was passionately personal Her entire body of work is basically an argument against the fiction of objectivity against divorcing structural analysis from the personal For Lorde an analysis of the deep emotional structures of our lived experiences is what enables us to understand and begin to dismantle the violent structures of white supremacy patriarchy capitalismI just kept thinking like why adopt a super traditional narrative structure tone and approach to writing about the life of someone whose work is basically a rejection of those traditions I spent the whole book wondering Will it become clear Will I understand by the end It did not; I do not My best theory right now is I wonder if it was maybe a personalpolitical decision on de Veaux’s part to let Lorde speak for herself Like maybe she chose to avoid reinterpreting Lorde’s work and instead focused on building out the context around the work as a way of respecting the versions of her life that Lorde crafts and revises over and over again in her poetry and fiction Idk I don’t find that theory or this biography unfortunately all that emotionally satisfying

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summary Warrior Poet A Biography of Audre Lorde 108 º [Reading] ➬ Warrior Poet A Biography of Audre Lorde ➳ Alexis De Veaux – During her lifetime Audre Lorde 1934 1992 author of the landmark Cancer Journals created a mythic identity for herself that retains its vitality to this day Drawing from the prHer early marriage to a white gay man with whom she had two children her emergence as an outspoken black feminist lesbian and her canonization as a seminal poet of American literatu. On my biography journey I read a chapter of this book a day and found it to be rich with thoughtful insights into the personality and deep readings of Audre Lorde’s work That her legacy lives beyond her is evident in how fiercely she worked for this to be true A who’s who in multicultural and lesbian “second wave” feminism essential reading for the feminist scholar De Veaux seamlessly integrates Lorde’s poetry amongst Lorde’s writerly and personal transformations A deeply satisfying book that deserves revisiting since Lorde’s passing in the early 90s