Ebook ✓ Halo by Alexandra Adornetto ¶ 485 pages  Alexandra adornetto

Ebook Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

Ebook ✓ Halo by Alexandra Adornetto ¶ 485 pages  Alexandra adornetto  [PDF] ✪ Halo By Alexandra Adornetto – Helpyouantib.co.uk An angel is sent to Earth on a missionBut falling in love is not part of the planThree angels – Gabriel the warrior; Ivy the healer; and BethanHe attraction between them Gabriel and Ivy do everything in their power to intervene but the bond between Xavier and Bethany seems too strongThe angel’s mission is urgent and dark forces are threatening Will love ruin Bethany or save her Edit June 2011Mac Mcclelland is a humanitaries journalist who experienced PTSD after working with rape survivors in Haiti She was never sexually assaulted but nevertheless experienced panic attacks sickness and got drunk every night in order to deal with it Afterwards she went through a tough period She and her fellow journalists who go to 'hot zones' like Haiti Egypt Syria and Lybia are under enormous pressure and are reluctant to report cases of sexual and physical abuse because of the victim blaming society likes to dish out on them As in Why did they go there if they are so hot In her article she talks about PTSD how difficult it was how she used violent sex to ease the worst of it and how afterwards she got up went to crisis zones to do her job reporting cases of sexual abuse on a daily basisShe's my new personal heroI'm brining this up because with women like this in the world I think God's servants can do better than knit mittens and walk the neighbor's dog In fact there is just no excuse for the uselessness of the angels in this book It is a truth universally acknowledged that when you hear of teen geniuses you take the info with a lot of doubt After all ours is a society that encourages children to succeed from day one probably because their parents need the valediction as soon as possible so the media is all too happy to raise a hype over some young singer or writer It's also very likely that the hype is raised because of the person's age not the uality of their art You can say that teenagers lack certain experiences and interactions outside their own social strata which no amount of emotional maturity can make up for Knowing all this I knew full well that I would have to take the outrage directed towards Alexandra Adornetto's Halo with a grain of salt After all she wrote this when she was seventeen Eighteen You can hardly expect Nobel prize worthy prose can you Surely if I took things into consideration that book wouldn't be so badWell I read the book and my brother read parts of it with me We both reached a conclusion The said conclusion is not fit to be heard in polite companyBecause here's the thing my poor readers even when I disregard the fact that this book reeks of juvenile kiddiness the story is boring No Boring In bold and italics because I need to emphasize it this badly I don't always read amazing books and I confess I have plenty of guilty pleasure reads something I can turn to like comfort food only it's much merciful on my waistline I can forgive anything as long as the story keeps me entertained Halo fails to do so for several reasonsOne there is no story worthy problem If you read Les Edgerton's Hooked you know that this is the most essential thing in a story the thing that drives it forward Usually it's something related the the character's growth Edgerton uses Thelma and Louise as an example and it's loosely connected to the surface problems Halo does no such thing the book consists of Bethany and Xavier falling in love or talking about being in love and that's it Some demons get involved halfway through but they barely make a serious impact In the end our protagonist ends up just as she started off as And the love story let's talk about that for a moment I do realize that teenage girls or angels in this case tend to get a little obsessed with the idea I am one after all but aren't there usually reasons why you fall in love Lust that's easy For love to get mixed up in matters you need to feel something than a deep appreciation for your boyfriend's hair am I not right my brother's nodding by the way You need to have something in common personal interests or goals or at the least a saint like tolerance for the other's flaws I'm not saying that you need to be completely compatible hell no But it would have been interesting to see Bethany and Xavier actually work on falling in love and fighting to keep what they have as opposed to having problems solved for them and the ever so convenient 'love at first sight' bull The second problem is that this book seems bent on breaking every single writing rule there is out there We have infodumps in lieu of a back story being told not shown things clothing and decor descriptions abound let's be honest readers have enough brain cells and imagination to picture the scenes in their heads that's why they pick up books instead of using the lazier approach of TV or movie theaters If it's not relevant to the plot don't write it It makes up for much smoother readingFinally the characters I think that Adornetto practically brought down the guillotine on this story by making her characters perfect That's the word Bethany uses to describe herself and her siblings perfect I get it that they're angels but we readers don't want perfect characters A perfect character means an unrelatable character As readers we like to see someone who makes the same mistakes as we do and gets out of the mess by being a better person Bethany being perfect means that she will not change nor will she see the need to adapt to Xavier And Xavier I really feel sorry for the guy but on that laterThe really ridiculous part is that Bethany is hardly perfect She acts like she is but well it's pretty hard to feel for her when she uietly criticizes people for their dress make up or lifestyle choices but gets sour when her boyfriend gets a concussion and can't take her to prom I mean really now Can an obnoxious heroine still be likeable Sure Alona Dare from The Ghost and the Goth is a good example of how to write a character like that The problem here is that Alona knows what she wants and goes for it aware that there are conseuences but willing to face them Bethany neither considers what she does beforehand nor is she willing to face the music when the time comes She is irresponsible and comes off as selfish and uncaring How then are we supposed to like herThe thing about this book that gets the most bile and outrage though is that uote For this evening at least feminist philosophy had been abandoned and the girls like fairy tale princesses let themselves be lead up the flight of steps into the foyer I kinda get what Adornetto was trying to say here but what gets my goat is how she worded it Feminism is a huge word one that encompasses a lot of different ideas and theories and it would be irresponsible to just throw it around like that The only context in which the statement would make sense is that all the girls in Bethany's school adhere to that feminist movement which says that in order to be feminist you have to give up on being feminine EDIT No you know what I changed my mind That statement is stupid In fact it is downright offensive because1 Feminism doesn't exclude men it's a biological impossibility to seperate women from men which is why it is necessary for both sexes to work together to get rid of sexism in our society 2 Feminism has brought us a lot of good things the right to vote the right to choose what happens to your body the right not to be raped in marriage and why yes the right to higher education and work Interesting how Adornetto would have published this crap if it weren't for generations of feminists fighting for all this stuff she clearly takes for granted Also I cannot help but notice the motherloving irony of Adornetto uoting Beyoncé fucking Beyoncé in a book that is supposed to promote Christian moralities and blatantly shuns feminism did she just happen not to realize that a majority of Beyoncé's songs are about how she's angry at a guy about how men are useless and promoting female empowerment through dancing around half naked In fact it seems to me that the girls in Halo are fans of that school of thought which defines female empowerment as treating men like objects without any substance or depth Including Bethany Not once did I ever hear her describe Xavier in terms that were not connected to his physical appearance or his usefulness as a protector I don't know who I should be mad at Bethany for being so dependent on a guy or Xavier for letting her siblings talk him into taking her back So what He doesn't trust her when she says Jake forced himself on her but then she takes him back without so much as a nod in that direction Am I the only person who sees this as a major problem in that relationship If he doesn't trust her and doesn't let her speak in her defence it shows clearly how dysfunctional their relationship is And all it takes is an I'm sorry I love you for her to take him backBullshit You wanna know how a genuine conversation would have sounded like You didn't treat me like someone you cared about You were an asshole to put it nicely I understand why you were angry But now you've raised a lot of doubt Is this how you fight Loud and scary and mean with no respect Relationships hit speed bumps People argue Couples fight How do I know this won't happen againI paused inviting him to answer this timeI can't promise that I'll never yell again he said softly I'm not perfect He laughed dryly ObviouslyWhen I didn't say anything he kept going I can tell you that I don't yell often but I do tend to spout off without thinking Sometimes I say things I regret It's a bad habit and I'll try to work on it with you I promise you that I will never argue with you in public again and I won't storm off without letting you have your say You deserve than that You deserve everythingYou set an awful high standard for me to meet I continued wincing a little at the look on his face I knew that he was sorry that was obvious Sorry and apparently a little oblivious Sorry wasn't the issue any Too good to be true Capable of destroying your whole world How am I supposed to live up to that Will it always be like this when I screw up Because I'm going to screw up too justaskalice Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry ch 22 That was from a Twilight fanfic Do the mathFinally all I have to say is this clearly the author of this book is going to grow and develop We can only hope that her writing will get better However that does not change the fact that this book had nothing to keep my attention nor incite me to read the seuel The heroine enranged me beyond words we live in a society where sexism and violence against women are a daily occurrence we don't need angels in Heaven supporting that turns to brother Got anything else to say bro Finally it doesn't matter how young you are and how long the book you wrote is if it's not good don't publish it

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An angel is sent to Earth on a missionBut falling in love is not part of the planThree angels – Gabriel the warrior Ivy the healer and Bethany the youngest and most human – are sent by Heaven to bring good to a world falling under the WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN This has to be one of the WORST books ever written Everything in this book annoyed me It was terrible in every way badly thought out plot hypocritically religious with really and I mean really shallow characters Did I mention it is was a hypocritical book Can I emphasis on hypocritical I'm not even a Catholic But this book it just ARGGHHHIt is so frustrating I cannot describe it in words To be honest it was the Catholic's version of Twilight I felt like the author copy and pasted Twilight than changed everyone's nameCheesy love stupid damsel in distress unrealistic boyfriend and an awkward projection of God and purgatoryheavenhellIts gets on my nerves that the author started writing this book with a strange and rigidly religious sense and at the same time be so SO narrow minded about everything Her religious viewsobserved through her book are based off artificial foundations Hey hate to break it to you Adornetto but life is not based on how good looking you areThe characters are all shallowso so shallow It makes me sad I didn't even bother to learn the name of any of the characters My first impression of the book after the 2nd chapter I can't believe this was published GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH JUST WRITING THIS REVIEW IS GETTING ME WORKED UPIf I ever get the chance I'm going to shove Alexandra Adornetto into a hole and cement it shut so that she will never again make garbage Sigh I'm not even a religious personOH I'm also pretty sure an angel would be sent to an improvished town and help the poor All the main character does is go to a private prep school and walk down the beach to eyeball hot guys I mean I don't find anything wrong at staring at hot guys HECK I do it all the time But the main character is a freaking ANGEL AN ANGEL Doesn't she have angel duties to attend to Like I dunno help humanity Save a hobo Feed starving children Instead of going to a private school for the wealthy and date really rich kids Why are you attending a rich private school where people can feed themselves In the book why are an Angel's only capable ability is charity work and community service I mean really I am 100% positive angels are NOT that lame As a simple observation I also noticed that this book was aimed towards white people Maybe because I am not a white person Asian and proud I feel obligated to point out that everyone in the story was WHITE All the angels the boyfriend any relevant character was white Maybe the author thinks that god is white isn't religion open for every race I felt like the book had a double meaning for white supremacyI see white people It was a dry hard to read un refreshing love story mixed in with hypocritical religious viewsThe only redeeming uality of this book was the front of it But like the old saying never trust a book by it's cover Halo might of had a pretty cover but DAYUM Everything inside is vile putrid Twilight wannabe In conclusionI HATED every single thing in this book with a passion that burns like a thousand suns After I read it I wanted to wash out my eyes with lemon juice and toilet water I don't recommend it Save your time and read something else DO NOT READ

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Halo by Alexandra AdornetInfluence of darkness They work hard to conceal their luminous glow superhuman powers and most dangerous of all their wings all the while avoiding all human attachmentsThen Bethany meets Xavier Woods and neither of them is able to resist t Halo is a truly epic tale Set in a dystopian world which has been ravaged by war it follows two people Bethany an angel sent to riot torn Los Angeles to save as many of the remaining citizens as she can and Xavier a damaged boy she struggles to befriend and heal of his emotional wounds As she works another war is brewing this one highly localized and poised to set the city ablaze yet again ruining all of her efforts Oh no wait that's not it Let me try again oh I've got it Halo is a truly epic tale It's the story of Bethany an angel sent to the most distressed areas of the world to destroy demons and her sidekick Xavier a young would be priest who follows in her wake spreading the word of the Lord and doing good wherever he can Together they defeat evil time and time againNo wait that's not it either Hmm but I bet this one is Third time's the charm and all that Halo is the less than inspiring story of a trio of angels who are for some bizarre reason sent to a posh little town called Venus Cove There they live the lives of the rich and self righteous doing little real good except some volunteering The plot follows one of them Bethany on her meandering and melodramatic way into a romance with a human boy named Xavier Eventually some real conflict shows up several hundred pages too late to make the book any good but that's okay; as the author makes clear several times when she gets up on her soapbox this book wasn't written to have any sort of artistic merit It's really just here to preach at you and take your moneyYeah that's the right oneI thought after I finished Hush Hush that I would never hate a book as much as I hated that Well my friends I was wrong Within the space of a few chapters I hated Halo than I have ever hated a story Period No exceptionsThis book is a disaster from start to finish uite literally from the poor grasp on perspective demonstrated on the very first page to the clumsy imbecilic tacked on 'cliffhanger' on the very lastTo be honest though I feel sorry for Alexandra Adornetto Clearly the girl's got some problems Her depiction of girls as obsessed with sex boys and material goods is horrifyingly shallow which suggests to me that she's never really had any close female friends The 'romance' that she writes has disturbing parentchild undertones what with the way Xavier is always nagging Bethany about her safety and what she eats and this and that and the other thing At one point he literally picks up her fork and flies food into her mouth like an indulgent parent That's creepy And I'm not really going to touch on the strange view she has of her own religion or the way she twists it to condemn large swathes of modern society Or the entitlement complex she demonstrates again and again throughout this book seeming completely oblivious to poverty disease and real strifeAlso if she ever grows up and becomes a decent writer which I suppose is still possible at this point this book will hang around her neck like a rock You know those things you wrote when you were a few years younger and less mature the ones that are cringe worthy when you look back on them now This will be hers except it got published and now everyone can see it How awfulTo be fair this wreck is not just her fault Her parents who are supposedly English teachers have failed her here as she shows again and again she has no command over perspective zero sense of proper pacing complete ineptitude when it comes to characterization and a sloppy style of writing They've also neglected to teach her the cardinal rule of writing anything do your goddamn research firstNo editor with real respect for their work and for fiction should have let this book be published in this state Cheap hacks looking to make a buck off of Edward Cullen fangirls yes But a real editor should have at the very least forced this through many intense revisions until something which vaguely resembled a proper novel was extruded Reading this book makes me wonder what editors are getting paid for these daysBut enough about the people behind the book Let's talk about the book itself specifically its failings of which there are many1 Portrayal of loveIt seemed from my reading of literature that being in love meant becoming the beloved's entire world The rest of the universe paled into insignificance compared to the lovers When they were separated each fell into a melancholy state and only when they were reunited did their hearts start beating again Only when they were together could they really see the colors of the world When they were apart that color leached away leaving everything a hazy grayI'm sorry are you describing love or a drug addictionThis is not love This is obsession And frankly it's a scary thing to read about What's scarier is that here it's being shown as an ideal indeed this exact phenomenon is highlighted in a relationship which is supposed to be so pure and awesome that it's sanctioned by Heaven When Xavier doesn't talk to Bethany for a few days she goes into a withdrawal depression so deep that she loses a drastic amount of weight and ends up looking haggard In just a few days OVER ONE GUY Is she really so incomplete as a person that she can't be healthy without him One must then ask what the message here is that a woman not in a relationship is not a whole human being Note that Xavier of course is barely affected by their split because of course only females handle this so badly I hereby direct you to Man Down Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops Drivers Gamblers Spies World Leaders Beer Tasters Hedge Fund Managers and Just About Everything Else in which there is an entire chapter describing studies which show that women actually deal with breakups better than men Of course one of the reasons is that women tend to have better support systems which Bethany does not But I'll probably bring up Bethie and her terrible communication skills later2 Ridiculously privileged protagonistsIn his physical form Gabriel might as well have been a classical sculpture come to life His body was perfectly proportioned and each muscle looked as if it had been sculpted out of the purest marbleMarble muscles gee that's so originalIn her physical form Ivy looked like a Renaissance Madonna with her swanlike neck and pale oval face Like Gabriel she had piercing rain gray eyesThe angels are flawless No really it's said straight out several times they have no flaws They're gorgeous talented have access to all the knowledge of humankind and have magical wings which somehow manage to fold up and sit flat on their backs despite the fact that wings proportionally sized to carry their body weight should probably stretch from over their shoulders to their lower calves even when furled are infinitely full of energy except when they aren't because the plot demands heal easily again except when the plot demands and for their mission on Earth they've been given a huge beautiful expensive house in a privileged small town where one of them teaches at a private Christian school and another one attends itFucking GAG METhere is zero effort made to render them as sympathetic characters probably because that's not what they exist for They're fantasy avatars in a way Bethany is not there to be empathized with in the way you empathize with another person or a well rounded character She's there so that readers can live through her Gabriel and Ivy have no real purpose in the story at all except to act as authority figures sometimes if the plot demands; or to be lax if that's what's reuired and to have some minor rote parts in the 'climax' And we'll talk about Xavier later3 The pathetic nature of the angels' 'heavenly mission'Molly lowered her voice 'There's been robberies and freak accidents all over the place there was a flu epidemic last year and six kids died from it''That's devastating' I said weakly feeling a hollowness in the pit of my stomach I was starting to get a sense of the extent of damage done by the Agents of Darkness and it wasn't looking goodStephenie Fucking Meyer can render a better town in distress than Adornetto can though that's not saying much For all the lip service paid to the trying times Venus Cove is suffering through and the horrible things which have happened there very little that's horrible above and beyond the ordinary actually happens Newsflash accidents happen So do sicknesses And it sucks yeah and it's horrible and tragic of course but it's not something that reuires an angelic intervention Multiple times Adornetto mentions other regions of the world with greater troubles than Venus Cove but she always brushes it off by saying that other angels are there as if that meant it was okay for Bethany to be living the high life slacking on her community service and putting Xavier higher on her list of priorities than Heaven itself No Just no4 The obsession with and then glorification of prom'Are you for real' Molly's eyes widened 'It's a rite of passage the one event you'll remember your whole life apart from maybe your wedding It's the whole shebang limos outfits hot partners dancing It's our one night to act like princesses'However with only two weeks left until the senior prom all social service projects were temporarily abandoned The mood of the girls at school was bordering on obsessiveShe was imagining the start of the prom when couples would make their entrance together and have their photos professionally taken Turning up alone would be tantamount to social suicideSome groups had arrived in limos and chauffeur driven cars while others had opted for the double decker party bus which now pulled in carrying its jubilant passengersTables were set up around the room covered in white linen and set with fine china At the back of the room the band was tuning their instruments Waiters bustled around us carrying trays of nonalcoholic punchI'm willing to make allowances for the fact that not everyone's prom was like mine but still this is too much I'm also willing to make allowances for the fact that Alexandra Adornetto is not American and therefore cannot be expected to have experienced an American prom However I supremely doubt that anyone's been to a prom like this If your evening did consist of live music waiters china table settings limos and the threat of social suicide if you arrived partnerless please inform me Until someone does I'm going to stick to my gunsNeither have I know any dance to be so all important that it was the focus of such intense obsession Again Adornetto imagines girls to be terribly shallow which I as a girl find deeply insultingI've read just about enough of these types of things Everyone thinks prom is the event of the year not to be missed at all cost where everything important happens and that's just not true Maybe someday I'll write a novel where the heroine goes to the dance not with her true love but with a group of friends and they rock out and have a great time anyway It doesn't take a significant other to make a dance enjoyable after all5 The soapboxingWe thought of technology as a sort of corrupting influence promoting antisocial behavior and detracting from family values Our home was a place where we spent time with one another not whiling away time shopping on the Internet or watching mindless television programs'Well I was interested in design for a while but that was let's say discouraged''Why's that''Isn't considered a serious career is it The idea of having invested all this money into my education only to have it end in unemployment doesn't thrill my parents''What about what you want''Sometimes parents know best'He seemed to accept the decisions made by his parents with good grace happy to be guided by their expectationsListen up Adornetto That first uote alone makes me hate you and also marks you as a hypocrite I'm willing to bet you didn't type this pathetic excuse for a book on a typewriter let alone handwriting it No doubt you use e mail I'd be shocked if you never watched TV And yet you still have this close minded archaic offensive attitude towards something that yes can be a great distraction but importantly can be one of the greatest tools at the modern person's disposalThough if you have an aversion to the internet that would explain why you didn't do any research BACK BACK FOUL DEMONS OF GOOGLE TARNISH NOT HER UNSULLIED ENTITLEMENT RAVAGE HER NOT WITH YOUR FEARFUL FACTSAs for the second one well I'm just going to leave that there6 The sick sick relationship between Bethany and XavierI had been uiet for so long absorbed in my fantasy of being stranded on a secluded island somewhere in the Carribean or held captive on a pirate ship waiting for Xavier to come and rescue me that it seemed they had temporarily forgotten I was thereMolly was a realist and held the view that friendships had to take a backseat when relationships started especially if the relationship was as intense as mine and Xavier'sI knew that if the assignment slipped my mind Xavier would complete it for me and hand it in without my knowledgeHe became fiercely protective whenever anybody he didn't approve of came within a two foot radius of me'I'm serious I hope you realize you can't lecture me about safety ever again' I said'Babe injuries are inevitable It's all part of the game You can play nurse afterward if you like''I'm an idiot I know' Xavier cut in 'Letting you go to the prom with Jake I guess I had too much faith in you'Bethany is a fucking celestial being She acts like a two year old Her dependence on Xavier is so near total that it is deeply disturbing the above rescue fantasies and assignment finishing are only the tip of the iceberg And putting the relationship above friends Letting Xavier chase off people he didn't approve of Does that not sound a little bit like the symptoms of emotional abuse Oh it's not portrayed that way but that's what it would look like to another character who was paying attention Xavier controlling who Bethany gets to know telling her to avoid some people without explanations taking precedence over everyone else she knows His double standards are annoying too he's allowed to be protective of Bethany but she has no say about anything that happens to him and isn't justified in being worried when he's actually injured Also he calls her 'babe' I swear if any man refers to me in that way he'll get a swift knee to the family jewels it's unspeakably insultingOh and there's the fact that apparently he 'let' her go to the prom with Jake Like she didn't have the freedom to make that choice for herself And then he has the gall to not let her explain the circumstances treating her like she has nothing worthwhile to say to him even though she's the only one who knows what happened Bethany of course instead of getting angry at her asshat boyfriend goes home and gets all mopy See aboveThis whole situation is just wrongThree uotes just becauseI had to admit that it was fairly stylish as far as uniforms went The dress was a flattering pale blue with a pleated front and a white Peter Pan collar With it we were reuired to wear knee high cotton socks brown buckle up shoes and a navy blazer with the school crest emblazoned in gold on the breast pocket Ivy had bought me pale blue and white ribbons which she now weaved deftly into my braidsI'd listened in on the prayers of teenage girls and most of them centered on being accepted by the 'popular' crowd and finding a boyfriend who played on the rugby team'Meaning that the human and the divine were never meant to merge If it happened I believe the angel would lose his or her divinity There could be no redemption after such a transgression''And the human''The human would never be able to return to normal existence''Why' I asked'Because the experience would surpass all human experiences' Ivy explainedAngel sex guys It'll blow your mind and then ruin your life Just one thing they're perfect atI could never in good conscience recommend this book to anyone but if you're looking for snark bait this is a doozy Also if you're an aspiring writer who wants to learn how not to do it this could be useful But ye gods if you're genuinely searching for a good read stay as far away as possible