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PDF ó BOOK Defending The Guilty FREE ´ HELPYOUANTIB ´ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ Defending The Guilty Author Alex McBride – Helpyouantib.co.uk A memoir of the author that takes us behind the scenes of Britain's criminal justice system in barristers' chambers in the courtroom in the cells and on the streetsBarristers' chambers in the courtroom in the cells and on the streets introducing us to its o If you're getting this after watching the series on TV you may well be disappointed If however you've read something like the secret barrister you'll know exactly what you're getting This is follows the author as he starts his Pupillage in chambers in London He goes through his early cases starting in Youth courts and Magistrates courts working up to the high court This is interspersed with the history of the law in Britain the evolution of common law and how the law is designed to work now As it jumps back and forwards between the history of the law and his history it means it never feels too heavy An entertaining fairly uick read

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Utlandish personalities arcane eccentricities and its many moving stories of triumph and defea In this book Mcbride establishes how the criminal legal system is in fact rigged to those who can afford it as well as the new efficient turnarounds actually are damaging the justice we receive Following Mcbride through his pupilage which yet again was extended in the hope of tenancy the highs and lows of becoming a criminal barrister and the money making scheme it has become Discussing the Victorianbeginning of the courtroom and the regulations are still in force in our contemporary society Explaining to all of society that the Bourgeoisie are much ruling of the legal system and their 'speech codes' are much elaborated meaning they are likely to be on bail rather than serve a prison sentence Mcbride also describes the people who reside in our Prisons as being working class young men most often addicted to a substance which therefore explains the 12% rise in reoffending rates Many of those who reside in the prisons have a literacy rate below the average 11 year old Mcbride himself claims ' prison is a highly evolved capitalist environment' showing the evolution of the jail and custody dating back to the Victorian era where it was the ruling class who would choose how the suspect was charged uestioning whether or not it really does serve as its purpose of deterring people or merely a non paying hotel shown through 13 of all prisoners were previously homeless Outlining the power of the jury and how much they as members of the public help serve justice and often evoke sympathy Despite the new legislation these self employed criminal barristers are suffering than ever most leave or go to private investigation as a conseuence 45

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Defending The GuiltyA memoir of the author that takes us behind the scenes of Britain's criminal justice system in Interesting vignette into the lives of trainee barristers who live in the basements of law firms only being called up into the light when needed for some menial task The stories of petty defences in nameless courts were interesting at the time but I've forgotten them now Alex reminded me of a politician Before they get elected for the first time they have fire in their belly they are going to change the world Then they get elected and they care only about two things how much money they can make and how to hang on to the job So it is with lawyers Its not that the truth doesn't count any its just that its irrelevant to making money and keeping the jobI have a lawyer friend a C in litigation not criminal law and he told me once that which side of the case he takes is according to who gets in through the door with a cheue first Morals nothing that's his man At the end of this book Alex's pupillage was over and real life about to begin; nothing in the book led me to think that truth will win out over money and job securityNote to the author I enjoyed your book but if you think I'm too cynical write another one after five years experience and let us all see if the tone has changed