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The Longest Winter The Battle of the Bulge and the Epic Story of WWII's Most Decorated PlatoonOn a cold morning Winter The PDF #180 in December deep in the Ardennes forest a platoon of eighteen men under the command of twenty year old lieutenant Lyle Bouck were huddled in their foxholes trying desperately to keep warm Suddenly the early morning silence The Longest PDFEPUB or was broken by the roar of a huge artillery bombardment and the dreadful sound of approaching tanks Hitler had launched his bold and risky offensive against the Allies his last gamble and the small American platoon was facing. This is the book that Band of Brothers should've been This is one of the best reconstructions of the sheer terror of the opening offensive in the Ardennes ever written It is also reuired reading for all the fans of Kurt Vonnegut JrWhile most of the individual characterising of our ASTP grunts occurs in the first chapters during the stateside training it takes hold We are able to form a mental picture of the German Jew that zealously exchanged his Wehrmacht uniform for the US the Greek whose tongue twisting name necessitates a moniker or the Mexican with the ambition to become a doctor The photo section shows our mental image of them to be on the mark amidst that parade of wiry country boys molded by youthful hardship during the Depression This is not strictly speaking that Intelligence and Reconnaissance Platoon's poetry of war The entire 394th regiment comes into view once the 6th Panzerarmee unleashes one of the war's most saturating artillery bombardments on the thinly held ground of the 99th Checkerboard Division The intimacy of battle is felt in all its terror as the focus shrinks to the size of a football field M 1's score successive headshots grenade blasts illuminate the scarce yards between lines men whose seasickness we felt as their Atlantic transport was surrounded by waves 20 ft high a chapter ago are wounded As the copious footnotes based on Kershaw's interviews with the survivors mark not all will survive even the trip to the forward hospital The book takes an odd turn as we follow survivors of the 394th into captivity The disease ridden passivity of the Stalags the morbid irony of being straffed in a French 40 and 8 car by American Jabos and the apocalyptic aftermath of destruction they witness in Koblenz before the company rails into Dresden in time for the inferno that inspired Vonnegut to write his surreal anti war classic Slaughterhouse Five Some historiographic discours is included in the appendices Next Patton's attempt to rescue his son in law a hundred km behind enemy lines as soon as the 4th Armoured crosses the Rhine is painted as the egocentric farce that it wasPeace and rememberance mirror the misfortunes of war one profited from the GI Bill to launch a new career or fullfill that dream of becoming an MD in El Paso another become a soft spoken bus driver with only a shredded coat and a medal tucked away at home as a souvenir yet another slowly drowned in the loneliness of alcohol his demons swimming around him Those embracing their war experience were at hand to recount to John D Eisenhower about their time One thing they agreed on war is a young man's game for a reason Only at 20 are you stupid enough to stand and fight against such odds the enormity of which only became clear after the war They also ran into a few of their favorite erstwhile adversaries that Volksgrenadier who didn't shoot them when he could or a camp guard that left some good things unpillaged in their Red Cross parcel The Bitter Woods by John SD Eisenhower

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The Longest Winter The Battle of the Bulge and the Epic Story of WWII's Most Decorated Platoon Download É 2 â ❮Reading❯ ➹ The Longest Winter The Battle of the Bulge and the Epic Story of WWII's Most Decorated Platoon Author Alex Kershaw – HelpyouanThe main thrust of the Longest Winter The Epub #225 entire German assault Vastly outnumbered they repulsed three German assaults in a fierce day long battle killing over five hundred German soldiers and defending a strategically vital hill Only when Bouck's men had run out of ammunition did they surrender to the enemyAs Longest Winter The Battle of PDF or POWs Bouck's platoon began an ordeal far worse than combat survive in captivity under trigger happy German guards Allied bombing raids and a daily ra. Probably my favorite book so far this year The Longest Winter tells the story of an intelligence reconnaissance platoon Although they weren’t trained for defending fixed positions they got stuck with that duty and happened to be manning foxholes when the big German offensive came December 16 1944 Twenty two men held off hundreds of attacking German troops before running out of ammunition and being captured They managed to stall part of the German advance for roughly a day giving vital time to other units and contributing significantly to an eventual Allied victory The battle of Lanzerath however was only the beginning of the war for these men They spend months combating filth lice disease starvation and depression as POWs in Nazi Germany Several of them were also healing from wounds received during the battle They relied on friendship and faith to make it through I liked Kershaw’s approach to this book It focuses on one relatively small group of people but also highlights other major events from the Battle of the Bulge until the end of the war Lt Lyle Bouck the leader of the 394th IR platoon came across as an amazing man he was young good and brave and he cared about his men His men included a diverse admirable group of Americans and their stories are well worth the time it takes to read this compelling account

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Tion of only thin soup In German POW camps hundreds of captured Longest Winter The Battle of PDF or Americans were either killed or died of disease and most lost all hope But the men of Bouck's platoon survived miraculously all of themOnce again in vivid dramatic prose Alex Kershaw brings to life the story of some of America's little known heroes the story of America's most decorated small unit an epic story of courage and survival in World War II and one of the most inspiring stories in American histor. Written for the average reader Plenty of rich detail from both side's perspectives Lots of action and suspense I've encountered the story of the Battle of the Bulge any number of times but this was a whole new angle that was enlightening and entertaining Man they had a rough go of it