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Free read ´ From Here to Nearly There (A Voyage in the Near Distance Book 1) Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ ➽ [Reading] ➿ From Here to Nearly There (A Voyage in the Near Distance Book 1) By Alec Merta ➲ – HelpyoLer By combining science with elements of real UFO and paranormal reports Merta crafts a believable thriller that you will find hard to put down “From Here to Nearly There” is the first book of “A Voyage in the Near Distance” The series tells the tale of two planets that are linked by an ancient mystery One planet is a blue orb that orbits an average yellow star It teems with human civilization The second planet is Ear. This review is based on the audio download which I received in exchange for an honest reviewI liked the premise for the story as I especially like science fiction novels that start in a familiar setting However it takes a really long time for anything to happen The story lacks dramatic tension and pace mostly because the main character Carver narrates from the future which removes any sense of concern for his wellbeing Carver who is some kind of geologist it still isn't uite clear to me is kidnapped by a woman who makes him drive to Yorkshire That takes up the first half of the novel 2 hours listening Carver goes along with Allie willingly and then they start working together and we find she is not what she appears to be I found this all rather unbelievable as Carver just takes everything in his stride without showing any sign of concern or fear I think the lack of characters and time periods it's mostly just these two in a chronological timeframe adds to the slow pace The novel is written in the first person with Carver speaking directly to the reader listener Initially I liked this approach which brought back memories of Hitchhiker' Guide to the Galaxy but after a while it began to irritate Instead of bringing me closer to the characters it distanced me from them and I felt it stopped me being able to put myself in their shoesI was hoping for space flight dilemma and action but felt what I got was setting up the premise for future novels I knew that it was part of a series but even so I didn't feel I was given enough to entice me to additional novels in the series The audio narrator was good He has an authoritative voice which does to convey the character of Carver than the writing The speed of narration is uncomfortably slow in the first chapter but rights itself after this He does vary his voice in a few places but not in a silly way I would listen to another book by the narrator but think his tone would especially suit non fiction

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Ans the cosmos Together with Allie a mysterious girl who bursts into his Here to Nearly MOBI #243 life Carver reluctantly sets out to solve the greatest mystery humanity has ever faced His success or failure will spell the dawn of a golden age or the ultimate doom of mankind By author Alec Merta “From Here to Nearly There” is a novel that combines the best elements of a travelogue with those of a taut science fiction thril. This was a splendid work with a charming uaint Britishness about it Things did fall in spots the use of words like bullshit and sure seemed to me a little out of place for your typical English gentleman but overall I really found myself cheering our narrator on and enjoying the story next adventure please

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From Here to Nearly There A Voyage in the Near Distance Book 1Nicholas Carver to Nearly eBook #10003 began his day in Yorkshire He will end it aboard an interstellar super yacht Before he leaves Earth Carver must race across England in a desperate flight from police and aliens The police want to arrest him The aliens From Here PDFEPUB or want to do something far worse All Carver wants is to survive Join Carver an English mapmaker and surveyor as he is caught in a tale of intrigue that sp. A good read but I am disappointed with certain aspects of the story The trailer on the back of the book led me to believe that there would be some action between both planets didn't happen We never even got thereI liked that the Allie character remained so mysterious but geez what finally gave her away that was not fully developedThen there is the introduction of a new character towards the end of the book pg 189 in a 221 pg book OK after all of that I did enjoy the book In fact I'm looking forward to the follow up book Hope it comes out soon