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The worlds of business Irish politics and crime collide when two men with the same name from the same family die on the same night one death is a gangland murder the other apparently a road accident. Two men with the same first name Noel die on the same night Is this just a bizarre coincidence or is there some connection to these two men’s deaths Both men died in different ways The first was Noel Rafferty who was part of a Dublin gang He was known as “Grassy Noel” because he enjoyed partaking in smoking marijuana over hash Grassy Noel was one of the top lieutenants in the gang The other Noel was also from the Rafferty family He was the older Mr Rafferty His death was being ruled as a tragic accident No one believes the two deaths are connected The only person who does is Gina Rafferty She will stop at nothing to get justice for her family Winterland by Alan Glynn is the first book I have read by this author I thought it was pretty good It started out alright but lost some steam throughout parts of the books Though the ending was good The only person I really found of interest was Gina When she wasn’t in the scenes than I didn’t really pay attention to what was transpiring between the other characters What made Gina appealing to me was her drive and determination to uncover the truth behind the deaths of her family members Overall Winterland is a pretty good novel worth giving it a try

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WinterlandWas it a coincidence That's the official version of events But when a family member Gina Rafferty starts asking uestions this notion uickly unravels Told repeatedly that she should stop asking uestio. Alan Glynn the author of the book the movie “Limitless” is based on here dabbles in emerald noir but it’s not the Tana French variety of emerald noir though Glynn does explore the after effects of the Celtic Tiger the boom that transformed Ireland from a uaint backwater to a significant economic force in the EUUnlike French Glynn doesn’t do deep psycho social background on his characters He focuses on their actions though for much of the novel his heroine Gina doesn’t really know what she’s doing She’s simply searching for answers to the deaths of her nephew and her brother two men who shared the same first and last name and departed this world on the same day Her brother Noel was an engineer and an altogether good guy Her nephew was a minor league thug Nobody was surprised when he got assassinated in a pub one night but when his uncle dies the same night in a car accident it begins to smell a bit fishy at least to GinaPolitics and business form the usual corrupt ugly mix here concocted by one powerful character completely lacking in moral fiber and Gina’s sleuthing eventually turns up a connection between another “accident” that had occurred twenty years earlier and left ruined lives left in its wake and the deaths of her brother and nephew The book is fast paced and gritty but not too gritty It’s the kind of novel that can be turned into a screenplay with a few simple changes in formatting But once it hooks you you won’t be able to stop reading until all the uestions have been answered even if for the characters only some of the loose ends are tied up

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Winterland Free download ¼ 5 ´ [Read] ➵ Winterland Author Alan Glynn – The worlds of business Irish politics and crime collide when two men with the same name from the same family die on the same night one death is a gangland murder the other apparently a road accident W The worlds of business Irish politics and crime cNs Gina becomes determined than ever to find out the truth to establish a connection between the two deaths but in doing so she embarks on a path that will push certain powerful people to their limit. After reading Limitless the dark fields and thoroughly enjoying it I was uite excited to read another book by Alan Glynn but unfortunately I was left a little disappointed with this novel I found the story a bit generic and underwhelming and it's characters a little bit two dimensional I still think it's worth a read but I just expected something better