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EBOOK Ò EPUB Agatha Christie An Autobiography ä 9780006353287 FREE ↠ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Agatha Christie An Autobiography Author Agatha Christie – Helpyouantib.co.uk When Agatha Christie died on 12 January 1976 she was known throughout the world as the ueen of Crime unrivalled as tWhen Agatha Christie died on January she was known throughout the world Agatha Christie Kindle as the ueen of Crime unrivalled as the best selling novelist of all time with two billion books sold in than languages Though she kept h I think myself that one’s memories represent those moments which insignificant as they may seem nevertheless represent the inner self and oneself as most really oneselfI don’t often read biographies or autobiographies fearing they will be rather dry spitting out one fact after another Not the case here Agatha Christie writes in a very conversational tone Indeed on a day like today in New York with the icy rain ringing against the siding and the roads as slick as a skating rink I could hug this book and imagine the ueen of Crime sitting opposite me with a pot of steaming tea between us She began writing her autobiography in 1950 and completed it fifteen years later at the age of seventy five Besides writing numerous detective and other novels what a life this woman led I had no ideaThe book flows nicely beginning with her childhood with little diversions along the way as she recounts her two marriages one to Archie Christie and the other to Max Mallowan She endured two world wars learning some nursing and dispensing skills along the way She took voice lessons She loved bathing and swimming and even took up the hobby of surfing Not having ever picked up a surf board myself the idea of Dame Agatha doing so just tickles me to no end She had such zest for life As I have said I welcomed new ideas; in fact my motto might have been established by then as ‘Try anything once’Probably what I relished most about her reminiscences were her picturesue descriptions of her travels around the world She traveled rather extensively in particular to the Middle East Her second husband Max Mallowan was an archaeologist and having met him on a dig she later continued to accompany him uite often to other excavation sites in the region She occasionally recounted humorous anecdotes of the people she met on these trips especially those from her own homeland I can’t help but become a bit envious a tad regretful even that I have not experienced these same adventures tucked up here in my little corner of the world She preferred railway travel to most any other mode of transportation I’ve never considered this but I can certainly see her point Trains are wonderful; I still adore them To travel by train is to see nature and human beings towns and churches and rivers – in fact to see lifeOf course this wouldn’t be Agatha Christie’s story if she didn’t share her writing life with us as well I found it very interesting that she didn’t really consider writing to be her career so much as a bit of a hobby that happened to pay the bills She was not an instant overnight success The publishing world was one she eventually learned to conuer after having floundered on several occasions I liked what she said about her two most iconic literary characters People never stop writing to me nowadays to suggest that Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot should meet – but why should they I am sure they would not enjoy it at all Hercule Poirot the complete egoist would not like being taught his business by an elderly spinster ladyI highly recommend this to fans of Agatha Christie Actually you don’t even need to be a fan of her mysteries to enjoy this book If reading about a woman with a passion for life from its simplest to its greatest treasures at all fascinates you then don’t hesitate to grab this one You’re in for a treat I like sunshine apples almost any kind of music railway trains numerical puzzles and anything to do with numbers going to the sea bathing and swimming silence sleeping dreaming eating the smell of coffee lilies of the valley most dogs and going to the theatre it is a good thing to have had a dream and to have enjoyed it so long as you do not clutch too hard

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Ough two marriages and two World Wars and her experiences both as a writer and on archaeological expeditions with her second husband Max Mallowan this book reveals the true genius of her legendary success with real passion and openne What a long long book which when you think about it only stands to reason as it is after all the autobiography of Dame Agatha Christie who lived to be 85 The reason why it took me so long to read it is because while many passages are really engrossing and revealing as to how she came up with her ideas and ended up being the number one best selling author of all time than a billion copies of her books sold worldwide and still counting other parts and sometimes entire sections are rather dull and well not very interesting Sad but true Let me break it down for youThe first half of the book is by far my favorite especially when she relates her very happy childhood in Toruay Being born in 1890 she depicts a life in a bygone Victorian England full of servants nannies and hat boxes that seems indeed so remote and lost in time that at times it almost feels like reading Fantasy The part about WWI and her first husband Archie is also really interesting as you get to see how being a nurse turned out to be the foundation of her career as a mystery writer I also liked reading about her travels to France the Canary Islands South Africa Australia Hawaii the US and Canada because again traveling then was not what it is now and often than not proved to be an adventure of epic proportionsThe second half of the book spanning from her divorce and second marriage to her multiple trips to the Middle East and WWII is rather sludgy and dull but I slogged through it like a brave little soldier because out of respect for Dame Agatha I simply couldn’t stop reading The last part though––and especially the epilogue––is beautifully written and downright touching and is in my humble opinion the perfect ending for this kind of bookOLIVIER DELAYEAuthor of the SEBASTEN OF ATLANTIS series

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Agatha Christie An AutobiographyEr private life a mystery for some years Agatha had secretly written her autobiography and when it was published after her death millions of her fans agreed this was her best storyFrom early childhood at the end of the th century thr Towards the beginning of the war Graham Greene had written to me and asked if I would like to do propaganda work I did not think I was the kind of writer who would be any good at propaganda because I lacked the single mindedness to see only one side of the case Nothing could be ineffectual than a lukewarm propagandist You want to be able to say ‘X is black as night’ and feel it I didn’t think I could ever be like that Dame Agatha one of the most puzzling authors I have ever read Puzzling because I can never guess from her stories whether she is poking fun at people by drawing up outrageous characters whether she is echoing the s of her time whether she expresses her own attitudes in her books whether it's all or none of these Dame Agatha is a mystery to me Earlier this year I got a little unnerved with re reading some of her books because of some of the attitudes exhibited by her characters I know that I am looking at this from the point of someone who is of a different generation and cultural background but still some of the xenophobia misogyny homophobia and snobbery is just very hard to take So anyway I wanted to find out where the attitudes come from Do they represent the author Having read Christie's Autobiography I'm still puzzled for sure Christie had some biases with respect to class and stout people and for some reason gardeners but there was little in her autobiography to explain or confirm the sexism and xenophobia that seems to have thrown me in her booksOn the contrary in a way Christie was not at all the Victorian prim that her creation Marple is There are numerous references to occasions where she is positively rebelling against her times from refusing to wear Edwardian fashion to declaring that one of the best days of her life was when she bought a rather speedy motor car And of course I was also thrown by the enthusiasm with which she described her surfing adventures and according to some unconfirmed articles she even was one of the first people to surf standing up though I would think that some local surfers in Hawaii or elsewhere would dispute that I can’t say that we enjoyed our first four or five days of surfing–it was far too painful–but there were every now and then moments of utter joy We soon learned too to do it the easy way The second time I took the water a catastrophe occurred My handsome silk bathing dress covering me from shoulder to ankle was or less torn from me by the force of the waves Almost nude I made for my beach wrap I had immediately to visit the hotel shop and provide myself with a wonderful skimpy emerald green wool bathing dress which was the joy of my life and in which I thought I looked remarkably well Archie thought I did too I was suffering from neuritis though I did not yet call it by that name If I’d had any sense at all I should have stopped using that arm and given up surfing but I never thought of such a thing There were only three days to go and I could not bear to waste a moment I surfed stood up on my board displayed my prowess to the end It was not however only her love of sport that convinced me that reading her books reuires a separation between the characters and the authors As mentioned where Marple is a strict Victorian old busy body I don't believe Agatha was In fact if I would compare her to any of her characters it would have to be one of the bright young things who acted on instinct than by what was expected of them There are uite a few revelations about her early life with Archie Christie where the couple struggled with funds and of course how she struggled with money again after their divorce Though she didn't become a writer to earn a living she certainly turned to it as her sole source of income once she had to fend for herself It was at that time that she perfected the formulaic mystery that made her famous It was also at that time when she wrote to pay the rent that she admits to writing some of her worst books like Mystery on the Blue Train It is her openness about financial struggles being over whelmed by public interest and coming to change her mind about her own perceptions and aspirations that differentiate Dame Agatha from her characters most of whom are pretty set in their ways And I think I was right to be continually asking myself ‘Why’ all the time because to people like me asking why is what makes life interesting I fell in love with Ur with its beauty in the evenings the ziggurrat standing up faintly shadowed and that wide sea of sand with its lovely pale colours of apricot rose blue and mauve changing every minute I enjoyed the workmen the foremen the little basket boys the pick men – the whole techniue and life The lure of the past came up to grab me To see a dagger slowly appearing with its gold glint through the sand was romantic The carefulness of lifting pots and objects from the soil filled me with a longing to be an archaeologist myself How unfortunate it was I thought that I had always led such a frivolous life And it was then that I remembered with deep shame how in Cairo as a girl my mother had tried to persuade me to go to Luxor and Aswan to see the past glories of Egypt and how I had wanted only to meet young men and dance till the small hours of the morning Well I suppose there is a time for everything As mentioned I tried to read this book with the purpose of learning about Dame Agatha and solve the conundrum that she poses to me in her books how much of her writing is the author and how much is a reflection of the characters and s of her times and even how much of it is satire I still don't know Maybe it is a mystery where applying a formula even in reverse will not work Maybe it's one mystery that just isn't to be unraveled If so all I want to say is Well played Dame Agatha Well played After all what is life without a bit of mystery to to keep us interested There is at least the dawn I believe of a kind of good will We mind when we hear of earthuakes of spectacular disasters to the human race We want to help That is a real achievement; which I think must lead somewhere Not uickly–nothing happens uickly–but at any rate we can hope I think sometimes we do not appreciate that second virtue which we mention so seldom in the trilogy–faith hope and charity Faith we have had shall we say almost too much of–faith can make you bitter hard unforgiving; you can abuse faith Love we cannot but help knowing in our own hearts is the essential But how often do we forget that there is hope as well and that we seldom think about hope We are ready to despair too soon we are ready to say ‘What’s the good of doing anything’ Hope is the virtue we should cultivate most in this present day and age We have made ourselves a Welfare State which has given us freedom from fear security our daily bread and a little than our daily bread; and yet it seems to me that now in this Welfare State every year it becomes difficult for anybody to look forward to the future Nothing is worth while Why Is it because we no longer have to fight for existence Is living not even interesting any We cannot appreciate the fact of being alive Perhaps we need the difficulties of space of new worlds opening up of a different kind of hardship and agony of illness and pain and a wild yearning for survival Oh well I am a hopeful person myself The one virtue that would never I think be uenched for me would be hope