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Download Å ReAwakened 109 ☆ ✾ [EPUB] ✶ ReAwakened By Ada Adams ❦ – Becoming a vampire guardian was Dawn Fairchild’s ticket out of the Scarlet House Fresh off a successful mission life in Angel Creek should have been great But when her sort of maybe boyfriend Sebast Becoming a vampire guardian was Dawn FairLives in jeopardy it uickly becomes evident that someone or something desperately wants Dawn and is willing to shed any amount of blood to get herDawn has only one chance to face her demons and overcome all obstacles standing in her way as she embarks on the biggest mission of her life one that threatens a deadly outcome for all involved. Dawn Fairchild thought she was done defeating evil after the demise of her evil uncle Viktor She's trying to get over the devastating loss of her father when she learns that Born vampires such as herself are being kidnapping and drained In addition to this Dawn is not so successfully coping with her long dead doppelganger torturing her thoughtswhich only happens when Dawn is near the sexy Sebastian But getting cozy with a guy is the least of her worries Can Dawn find out who's behind the kidnappings before she becomes the next victimThis book is uite a bit longer than the first one in the series and for a while I wasn't sure where it was going There are several different plot lines and in the end they all come together When I finished it I just sat there going HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP I know very elouentSPOILERS AHEAD IF YOU HAVEN'T READ REVAMPEDDawn isn't exactly at her butt kicking best in this book She's dealing with some serious demons grief and kind of thinks she's going crazy You can't blame her since she found out she's the clone of the daughter her father lost over 120 years ago she's been struggling with real feelings of being second best and identity crisis But I still adore her even though she's stubborn and refuses to let anyone help her when she needs it mostSebastian is back in all his sexy glory When Dawn and Sebastian are on the pages together you can feel the heat smoldering out of the book I love them together and it drove me crazy what they had to go through during the course of these events I hoping things end up happily for themWhile reading I started thinking this book was reminding me of other bookswhich I didn't experience at all while reading ReVamped; I thought it was wholly original Now this may be a problem for some but it wasn't for me because the things I was reminded of are things I enjoy Sebastian's long lost brother Razor DO NOT LIKE that name ugh swoops in and flirts shamelessly with Dawn while Sebastian broods giving the story some Vampire Diaries style flair Also suddenly werewolves And the meeting at the gazebo strung with lights screamed Twilight Like I said things I like but felt were kind of repetitive in the YA worldThe book was long but definitely not short on action Add in a hot romance some double crosses twists you never see coming and humor and you have one hell of a book that leaves you catching your breath I will be first in line to read part three

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Ith Razor an enigmatic rebel lacking both a verbal and a physical filter and her band of Misfits Brooke Sophie Hunter and Seth Dawn is thrust into a race against the clock to solve the mystery surrounding brutal Born kidnappings and come to terms with the sudden discovery of her own uniue powers With time ticking away and Born vampires’. When Ada Adams first revealed the cover of her second book in the Angel Creek series ReAwakened she said there was a definite “blood” theme to this book Holy cow that was NOT an understatement Where ReVamped was a light campy fun vampire story ReAwakened swings the other direction and brings us a darker bloodier tale But she manages to deliver sizzling romance see references to shirtless Sebastian amongst the gore – and it totally worksStory TempoReAwakened picks up shortly after ReVamped Dawn is dealing with some heavy losses from the previous book no spoilers here while trying to navigate her first romantic feelings for a guy EVER Soon our team of misfits have a mission; born vampires are being kidnapped In true Dawn style she drops her personal problems to go save others Well that’s all she’s ever known how to doThe story is set up incredibly well weaving in and out of the two major plot drivers evenly throughout the book And although I figured out who the “bad guys” were before the big reveal I did get tripped up several times during the story I think that’s a perfect balance for a young adult novelSetting World BuildingBecause this is an urban fantasy our setting is the world we live in Where world building comes into play is the fact that the vampires are “out” and they seek fame and fortune in Hollywood What I really enjoyed was getting into the history of the born vampires and how they are fundamentally different than “made” vampiresCharactersIt’s in the details that Ms Adams wrap up into her characters that really make her books come alive for me Besides the obvious fact that this is the second book in the series so of course we’re going to learn about our characters we get even depth If Dawn doesn’t have a mission or a weapon in her hand she is completely socially awkward and in unknown social territory with Sebastian I really feel sorry for her; despite what it looked like on the outside she really had a crappy childhood and missed out on so muchIn ReVamped we got Seth and Sophie’s backstories In ReAwakened we get Brooke and Hunter’s backstories Let’s just say their stories fit the darker tone of this book and leave it at that UGH I wish I could say I know I haven’t mentioned the new character Razor I love this guy He’s rugged good looking a total flirt and his past haunts him What can you want in your hero I might just actually love Razor thanShirtless Sebastian off the top of my head I can count 3 instances of shirtless Sebastian well okay we won’t count one because he was — But seriously Sebastian is substantially prominent in this book than the last And I have to say I was swooning left and right whenever he spoke to Dawn If this wasn’t a young adult book I might have taken a half point off my review for how uickly he turned around and got all lovey dovey But it’s also been six months since I read ReVamped so my memory is most likely faulty when it comes to how much Sebastian was actually brooding in the first bookSpeaking of books I have to warn you this has a cliffhanger yikes Per Ms Adams blog she’ll be announcing the name of the next book in the series shortly I can only hope that shortly thereafter she’ll have that book up on for me to buy a girl can dreamI have to admit a day after I finished ReAwakened I’m still haunted by the ending and feeling — If a book can keep me thinking about it into the next day or two that tells me it’s a pretty PERFECT book

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ReAwakenedBecoming a vampire guardian was Dawn Fairchild’s ticket out of the Scarlet House Fresh off a successful mission life in Angel Creek should have been great But when her sort of maybe boyfriend Sebastian disappears on a uest to help a beautiful vampire from his past Dawn finds herself amidst a web of danger lies and deceitJoining forces w. This really is a fresh new look in the vampire lore Chubby vampires druggies cheerleaders nerds and even one who needs glasses Dawn's misfit mesh of vamps really are endearing and really make this one fun read that is uite uniue in the world of vampires right nowI really liked the first book in this series ReVamped so I was ecstatic to read the next installment So much happened in the first book So many discoveries and adventure that although I loved the first book and remembered most of it I was really glad this was one of those series that recapped the happenings in the first without making it feel like it was dragged out so much you might as well have re read the whole thing Just enough info was told to remind me of what happened and where it left offI was so happy to see that everyone made an appearance within the first few chapters and we even get to see a few new faces as wellThis book turned out to be so much than I thought it would be More emotional action heartfelt Or maybe I just connected better to Dawn and her Misfits either way I really enjoyed this oneI loved that not only Dawn grew as a character but so did Hunter Sebastian Brooke Sophie and Seth They all grew in small ways and big ways and that is one of my favorite things to see in a seriesAnd while on the subject of characters I loved Razor I adored his bad boy vibeWe also get a whole new slew of villains some I didn't see coming and some I did They are all one you will love to hateSo many twists and turns in this one Some I predicted but most like that ending I did not Ms Adams I am not sure whether I should thank you for this amazing read or curse you for that ending I had tears in my eyes I can'tI don't even have words All I know is that I will be eagerly awaiting the next book in the series and know that I will be devouring it as soon as I get it into my hot little handsAbsolutely one fabulous read